9 days in the World...Struggling to finish planning

My DH and I are taking our DD (4) to WDW May 4 through May 12 staying at Beach Club Villas. This is pretty much a celebration of her starting kindergarten and the realization that we will not be able to take her when school is in session in the future. This is our longest trip to date and for some reason I’m finding it the hardest to plan. I have a basic plan for each day, our ADRs are booked, FPs received, but every other trip we have been on we had at least a basic touring plan for each day. But I can’t seem to get there. So my big question - will they even be necessary or will the skeleton of a plan be enough? Here is the basic plan:

Day 1: Travel Day (Flight gets in 9:30a)
Lunch: D-lux Burger
Epcot FPs
FEA (3:10)
Nemo (4:25)
Turtle talk (5:25)
Dinner: Via Napoli (6:30p)

Day 2: Magic Kingdom
Breakfast at BOG (8:05a)
Big Thunder (9:10)
Splash (10:20)
Lunch: Pecos Bills (Light lunch, will be sharing entree)
7dmt (12:55)
Dinner: Snow White’s (4:30p going to try and move to 5:30 or later, back to the room after dinner)

Day 3 Morning at HS (RD)/Evening at Epcot
Breakfast at Boardwalk Bakery on the way to HS
Stars Tours (10:15)
Mania (11:25)
Lunch: Woody’s Lunchbox
Tower of Terror(1:25) (will either move up or skip although)
Dinner: La Hacienda (7:45p)

Day 4: AK
Breakfast: Kusafiri Coffee Shop and Bakery
Safaris (9)
Dinosaur (10)
FOP (12:10)
Tusker House (12:30 ROL package)
Dinner: Satu’li Canteen

Day 5: Relaxed Day (Epcot/Hang at Pool)
Breakfast: Les Halles
FPs (If we decide to use them)
TT (9:05)
Living w. Land (10:20)
Space Earth (11:20)
Lunch: Some QS somewhere (really will depend on were we end up)
Dinner: Food Booths in Epcot

Day 6: Magic Kingdom
Pirates league at 9a
Breakfast/Lunch: Royal Table (10a)
PP (9:20)
Storytime with Belle (11:10)
Meet n Greet Tangled (12:30)
Dinner: Contempo Cafe (early dinner)
HEA Dessert Party

Day 7: Epcot Morning/ HS evening
Breakfast: Garden Grill (8:05a)
Lunch/Snack: Food Booths
Dinner: Mama Melrose (5:15p Fantasmic Package)
FPs: SDD 6:05p

Day 8: Resort Day/ Disney Springs
Bon Voyage Breakfast
Lunch at Hurricane Hannah’s
Dinner: Raglan Road (6p)

Day 9: Magic Kingdom/Travel Day (fly out at 4:45p)
Breakfast: Use up snack credits (in other words cupcake’s for breakfast!)
Pirates (9:05)
BTMR (10:10)
7dmt (11:40)
Lunch: BOG


Not planned…LOL!!!..You are planned!
I think with a 4 year old being a typical 4 year old, your days need flexibility.
Also early May has more acceptable CLs.
I wouldn’t do any more details.
P.S. My 19yo DD and I will be at WDW May 4-10. I have FFP for each day, most nights ADRs but the rest we chose to leave open.


I think it looks great. As @Hoopsters said, you don’t really need more in-depth planning with a 4 year old. We’ll also be at the Beach Club with our 5yo April 28 to May 10. :slight_smile:

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Am I nuts that I made a detailed plan traveling with a 2.5 and 4.5 yo. I’m aware we won’t end up sticking to it exactly and prepared to cut things.l but I’d like to have a general sense of order. 2yo has no clue what is there. 4yo knows a few things which are priorities but can’t read so she won’t know what she’s missing.

I’ll be there same time 4/37-5/3 but at AoA.

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I had a plan for my 2 and 5 year old it was helpful. We went off plan but it was nice for us to not have to think about what was next.

Exactly! Thanks for the reassurance.

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For us standing around could lead to
Unraveling! I like to keep it moving. Keep
The down time for hotel pool time!

My thoughts exactly. They do well on excursions when we do day trips.

We did hop off plannif we were walking by something they wanted to do that had no wait. But it is helpful to have direction… we were often done early on our plans, this was in November.