9 Day Trip (and Food!) Report

Day 1: Arrival and Epcot

DH, DMIL, DD9, DS6, and I flew into MCO on an early flight and were quickly whisked to the Boardwalk Inn via Magical Express. We arrived around 11am and walked over to the Yacht Club to have a leisurely lunch at Ale and Compass to start off our Disney trip.

Highlights from our delicious lunch included the White Clam Flatbread, Parker House Rolls with Bacon Jam, Pub Cheese, and Citrus Butter, and a Trio of Puddings (Butterscotch, Blackberry, and Chocolate) with various cookies. We also enjoyed the Grilled Cheese Sandwich (White Cheddar, Gruyere, and Fontina) with Truffle Butter and Applewood Smoked Bacon with Tomato Soup. The Roasted Buffalo-Style Cauliflower was just okay. DH had a Maple Old-Fashioned, which was strong and tasty but got a bit cloyingly sweet towards the end. DMIL split her Steak Frites with DS6. DD9 loved her Oven Baked Shrimp and Clams and the Mini Macaroon Ice Cream Sandwich. DS6 only wanted simple ice cream for his dessert and the staff were nice enough to accommodate him by giving him a bowl of the ice cream that usually accompanies the apple dessert. Ale and Compass has generally received “just okay” reviews but my family really enjoyed the food and service all 3 times we dined there. Yes, the theming isn’t exactly fun but good food and service trumps all for us. We highly recommend this resort restaurant, especially if you want a quiet place away from the parks to enjoy a meal.

After lunch, we walked over to Epcot. Remember how Rose Gold Ears were previously impossible to find? Now they’re EVERYWHERE.

Back to touring. We did the Figment ride, Seas with Nemo, Project Tomorrow (the interactive exhibits after Spaceship Earth) before actually riding Spaceship Earth, and TT. After stopping by our hotel room to unpack our Disney delivered luggage (love that perk!), we went to Disney Springs for dinner at T-Rex Cafe. We had French Onion Soup (yes, we’re weird to order that at T-Rex), Mega Mes-O-Bones, TarPit Fried Shrimp, Shrimpkens, and Jurassic Chicken Tidbits. I also had a “Category 5” (Skyy Infusions Citrus Vodka, Midori Melon Liqueur, Malibu Coconut Rum, 99 Bananas Liqueur, sweet & sour and pineapple juice) which was yummy, not too sweet, and not very strong. The fare at T-Rex is decently tasty but we mostly go because DS6 loves dinosaurs. The theming there is incredibly detailed but as always, the restaurant is LOUD due to both boisterous children (including mine!) and randomly roaring dinosaurs. Not the place to relax. Since the kids were understandably wiped out by then due to our early flight that morning, we headed back to the hotel right after dinner.

Day 2: Typhoon Lagoon and Epcot
Water park day! We first had breakfast back at Ale and Compass. DH opted to take advantage of the Breakfast Buffet (where you get to select an entree from the regular menu AND partake in the buffet selection of meats, cheeses, fruits, pastries, smoked salmon, and smoked trout dip). My favorites from that meal included my beloved Dark Chocolate Waffles with Dried Cherry Compote and Espresso Mascarpone Cream.

Breakfast Flatbread (Sunny Side Egg with House Made Bacon, Ham, Provolone, and Arugula)

DMIL had the Salted Caramel Apple French Toast, which was okay but the above dishes were far tastier and more interesting options. My kids had a Mickey Frittata which came with Turkey Bacon, Sun Butter Cookies, and Frozen Yogurt-covered Bananas and Berries (not shown) and Mickey Waffles:

After this very filling breakfast, we headed over to TL around opening time. We rode Miss Adventure Falls twice, all 3 Storm Slides, and Gangplank Falls before having a mini Donuts break. My kids also loved hanging out in Ketchakiddie Creek and Castaway Creek. We skipped the Wave Pool this year as we’ve always wound up injured from the rough floor in previous trips. So yay, no First Aid Station visit this time! We also got to have a picture with Stitch so that was a nice surprise.

After about 4 hours of TL fun, we headed over to DS to eat a late lunch at Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’. Super delicious comfort food coupled with incredibly friendly and attentive service translated to us coming back another day later in our trip. OMG, pretty much everything was a hit here. We had:

A Moonshine Flight and a Moonshine Mash (Watermelon-infused moonshine, fresh watermelon, lime juice and simple syrup)

Fried Catfish with Hushpuppies, Grits, and Remoulade

Braised Short Ribs with Grilled Corn Succotash and Mashed Potatoes

Fried Chicken and Doughnuts

Thigh High Chicken Biscuits Drizzled with Hot Honey

DMIL also had a Fried Chicken Salad which was also good but it’s salad. So no need for a picture. :wink:

I was too stuffed to have dessert by then so I took a slice of Moonshine Cake to go. Mistake. Although they bagged all the components for me (the cake came with 2 sauces and ice cream), it would’ve been much better fresh. My mistake, not theirs.

We then returned to our hotel to shower and rest before DD9 and I headed to Epcot to meet my best friend for a mini Girls’ Night. I had a Captain’s Seaside Sensation (Dole Whip Smoothie with Rum) from Joe’s Marvelous Margaritas’ kiosk to cool off during my walk to Epcot. It was a little too sweet and I couldn’t taste any rum. I think next time I’d rather stick with a regular Pina Colada.

DD9 and I explored the UK, Canada, Mexico, and Norway before my friend met us to ride FEA and the Gran Fiesta. On our way back to the hotel, we stopped off in Japan to have some refreshing Kaki-Gori from Kabuki Cafe.

Melon (with Condensed Milk) and Cherry

To be continued…


Great to read the detail about the food and see the photographs . Thank you for sharing.


I am loving the food pictures! Think we will plan a meal at Ale and Compass next trip (we are staying at BWV), your pictures make it look wonderful!


Great report! It is so nice to read a positive report about Ale and Compass! I really should have waited to look at your pictures after dinner! Thanks!


Great food pics and info! All looks so good!


Day 3: HS, AK, and MK (A jam-packed exciting day)

Since we wanted an early start at HS, we just picked up some items from the Boardwalk Bakery and ate by the water. The adults split the Ooey Gooey (an Artisan Roll with a Cage-free Egg, Cheddar and Mozzarella Cheese, Capicola and Oven-dried Tomato) and an almond croissant. It doesn’t sound like much but the former was extremely heavy (and messy!). Grab lots of napkins. My kids had a Chocolate Croissant and Plain Croissant (pretty much their typical choices every time we went to the Bakery for breakfast).

We arrived at HS relatively “late” at 7:30am (EMH started at 7am). By then, lines for Slinky were of course already at 60 minutes. I was unable to get a FP for Slinky at the 60 day mark but did get one for further along our trip so I wasn’t too devastated. We were able to do Alien Swirling Saucers once on Standby with minimal wait and TSMM twice with Standby and once on FP. We also got to hang out with the Green Army Men. I eagerly tried the S’mores French Toast Sandwich from Woody’s Lunch Box but was disappointed as it was only lukewarm, didn’t have a strong chocolate or marshmallow flavor, and the bread was dry. I got the kiddie menu version that came with tots and a clementine. My kids were more interested in the tots and clementine if that tells you anything. :sweat_smile:

Our friends, who were also touring HS that day, had an extra FP for RnR so DH headed over while the rest of us explored the RnR store and Star Wars Launch Bay. Afterwards, we rode ST, had some Mickey Ice Cream Bars, and enjoyed the Frozen Sing A-Long.

Since we were going to join our friends for a VIP tour later that day/night, we decided to have a filling and relaxing lunch at Ale and Compass to fuel us for the coming few hours. I tried the Maple Old Fashioned this time while DH had the Seaworthy Breeze (Yacht Club Vodka with Grapefruit and Cranberry Juices). The latter was a lighter option. Both kids had the Kiddie Menu’s Beef Skirt Steak (I don’t know why they felt they had to specify that it was beef. Isn’t steak usually beef? :smirk:). DMIL and DH each had the Lobster Corn Chowder (I had a taste and liked it). DMIL also enjoyed a Maine Lobster Roll. I was feeling healthy so I ordered a Salmon Salad that included Kale, Swiss Chard, Quinoa, Dried Cranberries, and Spiced Walnuts.

It was quite tasty but I definitely enjoyed stealing slices from DH’s Bacon Flatbread which included Applewood Smoked Bacon, Caramelized Onions, Gruyere Cheese, and Arugula (quite similar to the Breakfast Flatbread actually minus the Poached Egg).

For dessert, we headed over to Ample Hills Creamery. DS6 had Vanilla while DD9 got a scoop each of Ooey Gooey Butter Cake and Shirley Temple (Cherry, Lemon, Lime, with a splash of Ginger) while I opted for an Ice Cream Flight!

Starting at 9:00, the flavors were Peppermint Patties, PB Wins the Cup, Ooey Gooey Butter Cake, Shirley Temple, Coffee Toffee, and Chocolate Fudge Brownie. Ice cream flights are the best invention ever!

After a brief rest in our hotel room, we were ready to join our friends for the tour. We started off in AK and hit Dinosaur, EE, Na’vi River Journey, and FOP. At MK, we hit BLSRS, Space Mountain, HM, and PPF before taking a light dinner break at Columbia Harbour House. The adults were still pretty full so we just nibbled a bit from the kids’ dinners of Fried Fish, Fried Shrimp, Chicken Nuggets, and Fries. DMIL also had a Shrimp Harbour Salad (which included shrimp served on top of mixed greens, diced tomato, bacon, egg, melons, onions and cucumbers drizzled with Zinfandel Vinaigrette dressing). Usually Columbia is my favorite counter service restaurant in the MK but I just wasn’t hungry enough to get my usual favorites (i.e. Salmon, Lobster Roll, Chicken Pot Pie). I’m also still miffed they took away the Iced Tea Lemonade Slushy. WDW has a huge variety of slushes in the parks but they had to take away my favorite! :frowning_face:

The nearby lightning finally stopped long enough for us to ride 7DMT and BTMR before heading over to watch HEA. HEA was delayed due to the return of lightning but it finally started about 20 min (?) after the scheduled time. It was a beautiful way to end an incredibly fun-filled day.

Day 4: BB

Since BB opened at 10am, we went to Boma in AKL for breakfast first. I was excited to try the various buffet options which included French Toast Bread Pudding, various carved meats, a spinach and goat cheese omelet, and many more.

After this extremely fortifying breakfast :wink:, we headed over to BB just in time for opening. We took the Chairlift up to Mt. Gushmore to ride Teamboat Springs twice before enjoying Runoff Rapids a few times. We then spent about 2 hours at Ski Patrol Camp, which is great for kids ages 5-12 or so, in my humble opinion. There’s a good variety of water activities there and the adults can kick back a bit while their kids traverse the various water options relatively independently. I took the time to grab a few sweet chillers for my family:

Frozen Passionfruit and Strawberry Slushy, Frozen Cappuccino, and Shakin’ Jamaican (the Frozen Cappuccino with a splash of Bailey’s).

The Joffrey’s kiosk I got these treats from didn’t have a tray so I had tons of fun holding these 3 drinks AND a cup of water back to my family. Fortunately I was able to grab a tray from another food kiosk halfway back but it would be good if all the drink kiosks had trays available!

We finished up BB with a few circuits around the Cross Country Creek. The lazy river at TL (Castaway Creek) had a lot more floating tubes available. Tubes at BB’s lazy river were a lot scarcer and thus, poor DH spent the whole time walking waist-deep alongside the rest of us. Have I mentioned that he’s a great husband, father, and son? :heart_eyes:

After BB, we took the bus back to AK to then transfer to a bus for the Polynesian for our early dinner reservation at 'Ohana. The meal started with some Pineapple-Coconut Bread. Yummy but we didn’t want to fill up before the “real” food started! The bread was followed quickly by a salad with Lilikoi (Passionfruit?) Dressing and a giant platter of Pork Dumplings in Garlic Ginger Sauce, Honey Coriander Chicken Wings, and Teriyaki Noodles. And oh yeah, some veggies in the back.:wink:

After these starter plates of food, the skewers of Spicy Grilled Peel N Eat Shrimp, Szechuan Sirloin Steak, and Sweet N Sour Chicken quickly followed.

Dinner was concluded with 'Ohana’s famous Bread Pudding a la mode with Caramel Sauce. I think bananas were supposed to be included but were absent for ours. Kids were provided with Rice Krispy Treats as an alternative.

And of course I got the Lapu Lapu (Myers’s Original Dark Rum and Tropical Fruit Juices served in a fresh Pineapple topped with Goslings 151 Rum). It was mostly juice, not very strong at all. Still tasty though.

Reviews have been mixed for 'Ohana but our experience was solidly good. Yes, the food comes out fast, but I never felt rushed to leave and the server did come back at least once to ask if we wanted more food. Truthfully, we were given plenty from the start so we didn’t need to ask for many more helpings. However, we did have a very early dinner reservation (4:00pm) so the dinner might be more rushed closer to fireworks time when more people are hoping for a fireworks view table. Note that typical kiddie fare (i.e. hot dogs, chicken nuggets) are reportedly available for picky eaters but our kids were fine with the regular 'Ohana dinner menu so we didn’t need to ask for any. My favorite meat was the shrimp as I found the steak slightly tough and I prefer white chicken meat (the skewers of chicken were dark meat). Still, the chicken and steak were pretty good. I was slightly disappointed with the wildly lauded Bread Pudding. I found it overly sweet and that’s odd since I love dessert. I’m glad I got to try it though.

After this hugely filling dinner, my family all voted to head back to the hotel. It killed me a bit to let go (haha) our FEA FP but it had been a long day. While DMIL and I sat on our balcony, we were pleasantly surprised to find that we could see some of Illuminations’ fireworks!

Another beautiful view to end the day. :grinning:

Day 5: Epcot and AK

We all slept in a bit due to the previous long days. We headed over to Epcot for the 9am opening and ate breakfast at Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie. Does anyone have a better way to start breakfast than this?

We had a Roule Lard Fromage (Bacon and Cheese Roll), Croissant Jambon Fromage (Ham and Cheese Croissant), a Chocolate Hazelnut Beignet, Frangipane (both pictured), a Croissant Sale (basically bacon and egg on a croissant), and a Cappucino Glacé (like a coffee slushy).

The only thing we had that I probably wouldn’t order again was the beignet. It wasn’t bad but it tasted like a basic doughnut. Until you get to the chocolate hazelnut filling which made it MUCH better. However, they are a bit stingy with this filling so I’m not sure if it would be worth it to get it again, especially when there are so many sweet options to choose from.

After breakfast, we explored the outside of France, UK, and Canada for a bit. We could only explore the outside of each country as the World Showcase didn’t open till 11am. I always found it a bit frustrating that the World Showcase opens so late. I guess Disney’s reasoning is that people are using the morning hours to enjoy Future World before making it into World Showcase but what about those of us coming in from the International Gateway? World Showcase is my favorite part of WDW. I hate not being able to take advantage of my family’s early wake up times (my kids naturally wake up at 6am. :sweat_smile: ) to explore the pavilions before they get crowded.

I was able to get a treat though at Refreshment Port. My kids got some ice cream while I enjoyed Signature Poutine (Fries with Canadian Cheddar and Bacon Sauce with Cheese Curds). Very yummy though a little crazy to eat basically hot soup on fries in Orlando August weather. :smirk: The things I do for gluttony.

We then browsed MouseGear for a while before returning to our hotel for a brief rest before heading to AK for the afternoon. What did we first do at AK? Eat lunch at Flame Tree BBQ of course!

St. Louis Ribs Dinner. It’s a bigger portion than pictured but my little carnivore, DD9, grabbed a huge chunk before my snapshot. It also comes with coleslaw and baked beans.

Watermelon Salad

Fries with Pulled Pork and Cheese along with some Onion Rings

After lunch, we headed over to Asia for our first FPs of the day. We rode KRR before we split up for the next 2 rides- EE for DH and DD9 and Dinosaur for DS6, DMIL, and me. While in Asia, I grabbed a Dragon’s Breath (Byejoe Dragon Fire Spirit, Mango Pureé and Pineapple Juice ) from the Thirsty River Bar. The bartender did warn me that it was spicy towards the end but it was spicy from the start! Sorta odd to drink a spicy alcoholic beverage. I didn’t bother finishing it cuz my palate was utterly confused.

We then watched some of Dinoland’s Donald’s Dino Bash. My kids usually love dancing but were strangely shy then so they just watched as Chip and Dale (dressed up as dinosaurs) got their groove on. We then headed over to Pandora for our FOP FP. After FOP, we met our friends for dinner at Boma in AKL.

We love Boma’s dinner buffet. My favorites include the various carved meats and soups. That night, the rotating soups were Carrot Ginger, Coconut-Chicken Curry, and Seafood Stew. For dessert, my favorites were the Zebra Domes and Kenyan Coffee Tarts. For drinks, DH had a White Sangria while I enjoyed a Bahama Mama.

After dinner, I was last woman standing as everyone else voted to return to the hotel. I, however, opted to head back to AK as I had never seen it at night. I headed over to the Standby line for Rivers of Light 30 min before showtime and was able to grab a decent view.

Following RoL, I explored Pandora.

followed lastly by the Tree of Life Awakenings.

Day 6: MK

We started the day with a “light” breakfast at Boardwalk Bakery as we had a delicious brunch waiting for us midday. Once we arrived at MK, DH took DD9 to Splash Mountain while the rest of us enjoyed PPF. In our previous WDW trips, we always used a FP for PPF as the lines can get crazy but I was determined to try the queue this time as I had read that it has nice details (you get to see the Darling’s home and Tinkerbell flying around) and an interactive game (you wave at shadow bells to make them jingle). Since it was the first ride we headed to at park opening, the wait wasn’t too bad- it was just enough to let us enjoy the interactive elements of the queue without being an overly long wait.

My family then met back up together to enjoy the Winnie the Pooh ride. Again, we had previously only rode with a FP but I wanted to try the queue as there was a simple play area for the kids and a “honey wall” they could interact with. As with PPF, the wait was just enough to let my kids explore the queue activities without being overly long. After Winnie the Pooh, we explored the adjoining shop a bit before heading to Barnstormer and It’s a Small World. We then decided to walk over to the Contemporary to explore the gift shops there before our brunch reservation at California Grill.

Let me just say that this brunch was our BEST meal at WDW this trip. It has quite a hefty price tag and was incredibly hard to book but it was worth it.

Our server was extremely attentive and friendly. The adults were started off with a mimosa with popping blueberry bubbles. The buffet portion of the brunch included various pastries (during our visit they offered Pecan Sticky Buns, Country Cheddar Biscuit, a Berry Scone, and something else that I can’t remember); a sushi bar with tuna, salmon, and shrimp tempura selections; House-made Charcuterie including Orange-Honey Ham, Bison and Sweetbread Terrine, Pork Belly Rillettes, Whole-Grain Mustard, Zellwood Pickles, Pickled Pero Farms Peppers, Sweet Onion Jam; Bacon and Egg Salad; Smoked Salmon; Deviled Eggs, Crispy Lardons, Spiced Aïoli; Soba Noodle Salad; Yogurt Parfaits; and some kind of Peach Salad. And this was just the buffet portion! For that particular day, they also had some kind of Bourbon and Dates Cake (I think) with Cornflake Ice Cream. I don’t even like dates but this was delicious!

A sampling of the buffet offerings:

For our entrees, we got:

U-10 Shrimp with Grits. The shrimp was tasty but I found the grits way too heavy.

Grilled Hanger Steak. DMIL and DD9 both got this and seemed to enjoy it. I didn’t try it myself though.

Vanilla Bean French Toast with Creme Brulee Custard and Caramelized Bananas and Walnuts.
I found this entree to be just ok. The french toast was like regular french toast. The custard had a slightly gritty and thick texture that I found off-putting. When I hear Creme Brulee, I expect a smooth and light texture. I didn’t get that here.

Shakshuka (a lamb dish cooked with tomatoes). This was DH’s dish and I found it tasty but I was so full by then that I could only tolerate a bite or 2.

But there’s always room for dessert!

The table gets this whole dessert plate to share and we barely made a dent after all the filling food before. I cannot remember all the details of this dessert plate but it included a Berry Financier (the little cakes), chocolate truffles, macarons (green tea, chocolate, passionfruit), Chocolate Bark, and I believe Cardamon Cookies. Thankfully, we were allowed to box the desserts home to enjoy.

After brunch, we rolled our stuffed selves back to MK. We all rode the Jungle Cruise but by this time, both DH and DMIL were pretty beat (they were extra full and their feet were hurting) so they rested in various seating areas while I took the kids to the Swiss Family Treehouse (so cool!). It was sweltering hot that afternoon so we then took a Dole Whip break before heading to Mickey’s PhilharMagic. Afterwards, we headed to Liberty Square to get Silhouettes done of my kids. Super unique souvenir!

On the way to the Silhouettes cart, we stopped to see Muppets Present…Great Moments in American History.

Afterwards, we rode 7DMT with a FP before relaxing with a Peter Pan Float (Key Lime Soft Serve with Sprite).

It was good but I mostly tasted Sprite. It didn’t taste like an ice cream soda to me. While DMIL and DH rested some more at a seat outside Cosmic Ray’s, I took the kids to MILF and the Peoplemover. While we were boarding the Peoplemover, the sky opened up and sheets of rain poured down. We tried to wait it out but it just kept pouring. Plus, DH and DMIL were completely beat so we headed back to our hotel. While my family crashed into bed, I took myself to the Belle Vue Lounge to enjoy a Mai Tai.

To be continued some more…


AWESOME trip report. Food is one of my favorite things about. WDW trip, do I am really enjoying this. It gave me some new ideas.


Wow! Thank you for eating all that food. I love that you went back to a few places more than once. The whole trip sounds like it was fantastic.


Love this comment. To sacrifice oneself for the benefit of other Liners. Our hero for the day. (I have no emojis on my laptop, but this is said in humour.)


Thanks to everyone for the lovely comments! Food is a big part of my Disney vacation so I am happy to share my excitement about food with y’all!

Day 7: AK and Epcot

To start off our 7th day, we had the Butter Butter Sandwich (Brioche Bread, Shaved Ham, Scrambled Eggs and Buttery Fontina Cheese Spread) from Boardwalk Bakery. I enjoyed this much more than the Ooey Gooey as it was tasty but didn’t wind up all over my face/hands. :wink: DH and DD9 also enjoyed fistfuls of popcorn from our Refillable Popcorn bucket. This was the first year we tried the Refillable bucket and it was such a good choice! DH and DD9 are crazy for popcorn (as in DH will lament that he’s so full and then 5 min later, munch on some popcorn). We must have refilled it at least 5 times over our 9 day trip. The current bucket is absolutely fitting, too, as it features many iconic Disney snacks.

Most of the popcorn kiosks only supplied plain popcorn but the popcorn cart in Canada features Maple Flavored popcorn. I think there’s also a kiosk in Frontierland of MK that also provides that flavor.

We then headed to AK and went straight to the Pandora giftshop to get DS6 an Avatar figure of himself. DD9 got her own on the previous trip and DS6 has apparently coveted it over the past year. Who knew? You have to sign in for a reservation but we were lucky enough to get in right away as it was early in the morning. It’s a pretty cool process where your child gets “scanned” and he/she can pick the Avatar’s various attributes (i.e. eye color). The figure is ready in about an hour. The child goes through a cute reveal process at the Avatar wall where he/she gets “scanned” again to get his/her Avatar. This figure is pricey (about $80) and I wouldn’t say the Avatar really looks all that much like your child but it’s a fairly unique souvenir.

After DS6 got scanned for his Avatar, we headed to It’s Tough To Be a Bug. I had planned for us to ride the Safari on Standby first but MyDisneyExp reported it down. So we went to ITTBaB. Just as we were about to enter, the app reported that it was up and with only a 5 min wait! I wanted to head there (short wait times are golden!) but DH demurred since we were already right in front of ITTBaB. By the time we were done with ITTBaB, the wait for Safari had already climbed past 30 min. DOH! For the next 20 minutes, I repeatedly played with the app to obtain a FP for Safari. I finally got one with a reasonable return time but we still had to wait about a half hour. To kill time, we explored Zuri’s Sweets Shop and the adjoining giftshop. There were a lot of cool animal themed souvenirs (as appropriate for AK).

While DMIL picked up some unique ceramic animal figures, the kids and I got a cupcake, Cookies N Cream fudge, and a Haystack.

I believe the Haystack was just peanut butter covered potato sticks. Really nothing to write home about.

BTW, just wanted to give everyone a heads up to take advantage of the FREE Package Delivery service. Whatever you buy in the parks’ giftshops, you can arrange for the items to be delivered to your Disney resort. The items will arrive sometime the following day at the main giftshop of your hotel. This is a great perk as it freed our hands for touring. However, you can’t use the Package Delivery service to transport items between resort giftshops. For instance, we couldn’t have the items we bought at the giftshop at the Polynesian delivered to our hotel. You can always pay for all the items to be shipped directly to your home instead but I would imagine that would add up to quite a lot. This Package Delivery service saved us from lugging a bunch of fragile animal figurines around AK so that was good. Packing it safely in our luggage for the trip home was another story. :sweat_smile:

Even though it was late morning by the time we hit the Safari, we still saw a wide variety of animals.

After Safari, DH and DD9 again headed to EE with FP while the rest of us booked it to our FP for Dinosaur. We then met up at Yak and Yeti for a relaxing, AC lunch. I love many of the counter service/food kiosks at AK but always found it annoying that so many of them are outdoors. It always feels hotter in AK for some reason so having a meal in AC is a plus.

We stuffed ourselves silly for lunch with…

Firecracker Shrimp

Miso Salmon

Lobster and Shrimp Garlic Noodles

Ahi Tuna Nachos!

The kids selected the Noodles option from the kids menu and loved them. For drinks, I enjoyed a South Seas Traveler (Myer’s Original Dark Rum and Captain Morgan Spiced Rum, Monin Lychee Syrup, and citrus juices) and DH had a Zipang Sake.

The food was all delicious and service was very friendly and attentive. We will definitely return again!
Sadly, we were too stuffed to have dessert (yes, I was very disappointed in myself). :laughing:

After lunch, we returned to Pandora to use one more FP for FOP and to pick up DS6’s figure.

We hit up Pongu Pongu for a Night Blossom (layers of Apple and Desert Pear Limeade topped with Passion Fruit Boba Balls ) on our way out. My kids devoured this drink so I can’t even tell you how it tasted. Sounded really sweet!

Back to the hotel for some more R and R before returning to Epcot for a light dinner. We ate at Les Halles again and had…

Dinde B.L.T.

Croissant Jambon Fromage

Brie aux Pommes

Frangipane (the light pastry filled with almond cream)

We’ve had a lot of the above previously but they are just so good that we had to order them again!

We couldn’t leave France without (some additional) dessert! DD9 enjoyed Lemon Sorbet and DS6 had Vanilla Ice Cream from L’Artisan des Glaces while I enjoyed a Croque Glacé (basically a warm brioche ice cream sandwich). I chose Cinnamon Caramelized Pecan Ice Cream with Chocolate sauce for my creation.

The ice cream was, as always, delicious but I still don’t get ice cream in bread. To each his own. :laughing::wink:

As we browsed France, Morocco, and Japan, I also enjoyed the Orange Slush (Grand Marnier, Rum and Grey Goose Orange and Orange Juice)

It wasn’t really slushy this time around but was still plenty tasty.

We then spent about an hour in Japan’s giftshop, the Mitsukoshi Department Store, as there are always fun things to explore.

Like random animals dressed up as other animals.

To cap off the evening, we had some more Kaki-Gori (the shaved ice is good for hydration, you know :wink:) and some Funnel Cake from the American Pavilion.

Day 8: HS and DS

Another bright and early start! We grabbed some croissants from Boardwalk Bakery and then headed over to HS. We were pretty “lazy” by then and missed most of EMH. We arrived just a few minutes before regular park opening at 8am. We waited about 10-15 min for TSMM on Standby which was just fine as it allowed us time to actually look at the cool decor instead of just racing through. After TSMM, we then waited about 20 min for Alien Swirling Saucers on Standby. The wait there was a tad brutal as there is little cover and it’s all outside (no AC comfort! :frowning_face:). Seriously, what were the Toy Story Land designers thinking to make up 2 brand new rides with minimal cover and no AC? Did they forget that WDW is in Orlando? :wink:

We were then ready for our FP for Slinky Dog Dash. It’s a great family roller coaster (not too intense and not too short). You also get a peek over the walls at Star Wars Land while on the ride. I didn’t see much as I was too busy screaming (in a happy way) but DH was super excited by what he saw.

Before leaving Toy Story Land, I tried out the Chocolate Hazelnut Lunch Box Tart (covered in Maple Fondant and Candied Bacon) from Woody’s Lunch Box. Sigh Another disappointment. Super sweet and forgettable.

Afterwards, DD9 and DH headed over for a FP for RnR (DD9 conquered all the WDW roller coasters for the first time!) while the rest of us used our FP for ST. On our way to meet them on Sunset Blvd, we got to watch some of the March of the First Order.

We shopped a bit on Sunset Blvd before heading to DS for lunch at Homecomin’ again.
I sort of had wanted to try something new but I quickly gave in as I, too, love Homecomin’. This time around, we started with…

Jasper Board (Smoked Fish Dip, Pimento Cheese, Shaved Country and Tasso Ham, Bread and Butter Pickles, Candied Pecans, and Buttermilk Crackers). Not shown are the crackers.

We had the Fried Chicken and Doughnuts, Braised Short Ribs, and Fried Catfish again. We also tried the Capital Meatloaf. I had the Harvest Salad while also stealing some Fried Chicken from DS6.

For dessert, we had the Chocolate Pecan Pie.

After this ridiculously delicious lunch, we waddled around for some window shopping at the various stores.
Due to all the souvenirs we had accumulated, we wound up at the Marketplace Co-op to buy a giant Mickey suitcase. Dude, what Disney fan can say no to this?

While my family rested in the Ghirardelli Soda Fountain and Chocolate Shop, I ran around DS fulfilling my last few snack fantasies.

I love s’mores and had thus been really looking forward to the Ganachery’s House-Made S’mores. It was sadly, myeh. The graham cracker was soft (in my book, all s’mores need to have a crisp cracker). The marshmallow and chocolate was just ok. So, it wasn’t exactly a bad s’more but it didn’t live up to my high expectations. :sweat_smile:

I was really too stuffed by then to eat more but I HAD to grab some Morimoto Baby Ribs from the takeout counter (Morimoto Street Food) to bring back to the hotel.

Delicious! Slightly crusty (in a good way) outside and tender, flavorful meat. Win!

By the time we trudged back to our hotel, my family was too pooped to do anything but stay in. We grabbed some Cheese Pizza from the Boardwalk Pizza Window and Chicken Nuggets Basket from the To Go cart for the kids. My “dinner” was this beauty:

My beloved Mickey Oreo Cupcake. Easily one of the BEST WDW cupcakes. Usually available from the Boardwalk Bakery.

Day 9: Epcot and Departure :disappointed_relieved:

After leaving our luggage at the Airline Resort Check In desk at the hotel, we strolled over to Epcot one last time for breakfast at, where else, Les Halles. We had pretty much all the same things we usually order. I also got a Cafe Liegeois (Coffee, Chocolate, and Cream Mousse).

Afterwards, we headed to Futureworld. We saw Turtle Talk with Crush on Standby with a 10 minute wait. My little guy was lucky enough to get picked to ask Crush a question. :grinning: We then explored the Aquarium for about an hour before heading to Soarin with our last FP of the trip. Afterwards, we went to the Test Track showcase to let the kids enjoy the display cars and photo kiosks.

For the last few hours of our trip, I manically led my family all around the World Showcase to both obtain all the new Kidcot cards and to try to eat/drink something from every pavilion (a worthy goal, no?).

While in Mexico, my kids got to create Coco figures:

We also munched on:

Churros! from La Cantina de San Angel. Sadly, they no longer stock Paletas (Mexican fresh fruit ice pops). They’ve been replaced by regular Mickey Ice Cream. I love Mickey Ice Cream but isn’t the point of the World Showcase trying different cuisines? Bad move, Disney! :rage:

Choza de Margarita’s Empanadas de Barbacoa (Beef Empanadas with Chipotle Sauce, Crema Mexicana, and Queso Fresco) served with Corn Esquites. This was quite tasty and I highly recommend them!

In China, I had Joy of Tea’s Tipsy Ducks in Love (Bourbon Whisky, Coffee, Black Tea, Cream and Chocolate Syrup). This was okay but I wouldn’t say it was awesome. Worth a try though because it’s unusual. I’m Chinese-American so the rest of the foods offered at this pavilion was too boring for my food trek. :laughing:

In Germany, DD9 got a Milk Chocolate Caramel with Sea Salt from Karamell-Kuche while DH got a Dunkel Beer from the beer cart and some Bratwurst with House-made Chips from Sommerfest.

In Italy, it was, of course, gelato time. DD9 got Cherry Vanilla Gelato while DS6 got Vanilla. DH and I split an Espresso Gelato Affogato (fresh Italian Espresso poured over Fior Di Latte Gelato, topped with Chocolate Coffee Beans). YUM!

In Japan, we got some more Kaki-Gori from Kabuki Cafe.

And in France, I finished up with 1 more Orange Slush. It was properly slushy this time. :yum:

Sadly, I was too stuffed to eat Poutine from Canada. Or School Bread from Norway, Fish N Chips from UK, Baklava from Morocco, or Funnel Cake from the American Pavilion. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
It was a good attempt though!

We walked back to Boardwalk, grabbed some light fare for the kids, and then took the Magical Express back to the airport. It was another wonderful Disney trip and I’m eager for my next one!


You and your family absolutely killed it. That Jasper Board…what the heck!! We loved Homecomin’ and are doing our best to keep trying new places, but with food like that, how can you not go back?

I want to recommend the Polite Pig for your next trip. That place is also outstanding.


I think I’ve finally met my match when it comes to eating at WDW😀 great pictures and descriptions; it’s given me some new ideas for my next trip…


Wow you did so much. The alcholic drink descriptions are brilliant. Which was your favourite? Well done and thank you again for sharing.

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Thanks for sharing your trip report! It sounds like you all had a nice relaxing time and I’ve enjoyed reading about your trip. Your food photos are amazing!


Loved your trip report, the food/restaurants are a big part of my holiday too


When you took the bus from Blizzard Beach to the Poly, did you have to go from BB to AK and then transfer to a bus to Poly? We’re going to BB on Tuesday and I’m trying to figure out the transportation. Thanks.

This was awesome. So much delicious food! And drinks. I think I am going to not eat the week before my next trip to be sure to try as many items as you did!


The Orange Slush in France was my favorite drink, hands down!

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Yes, we took a bus from BB to AK and then a bus to the Poly. Just 1 transfer.

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Polite Pig was on my list to try! Need more stomach space…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: