9:45am reservation at tusker. Do I have time to

Go on the safari before my reservation?

Yes. Be at the front of the rope, don’t dawdle, and your wait should be short. Even if you’re a little late, they will seat you. The only issue would be if an animal blocked the road. It doesn’t happen too often and if you explained, I can’t imagine they wouldn’t let you in.

What time does AK open on your day? It will be opening at 8:00 AM for most of the summer, so you will have plenty of time if that is the case. If the opening is at 9:00 AM just get the park by 8:00 AM so you will be able to be near the front of the rope.

Probably opening at 9:00.not going until late September.

I’m going to go with the 9:45 reservation and try it out. Should be able to make it. Thanks!

You’ll be fine at 9:45 - you should be off the ride by then - I think we had a 9:30 that we were late for since we rode safari and arrived around 9:45. We still got seated and had a great breakfast…