9:20 Tusker House ROL Dining package Res

If we have a 9:20 Tusker House Res, can we squeeze in Kilimanjaro Safari before it? We’d get there for rope drop.

Definitely not. Move the reservation to 10:00 AM and you should be fine.

I wish! Lol, I’ve been trying for 8 or 10:30, but there is nothing all morning. A 9:20 opened up so I grabbed it. Tough dining package to get in June. Ok, thanks for the info!

Your best bet will be to get a 10:30 fastpass and jump on right after breakfast, if no other times open up.

Yeh that’s true. I hope it’s not too hot for the animals in June by then. Maybe a late safari 7:00ish?

I was honestly thinking that 9:20 would be fine. The wait should only be a few minutes if you get there first thing and the duration is 20 minutes. So worst case you show up to Tusker House at 9:30/9:40. They won’t turn you away!

We tried it with around a 9:30 Reservation - ended up fairly late for our ADR. They still served us so it all worked out OK, but I noticed when we finally arrived our name was marked in Red on the monitor. The safari is a very long ride unto itself - something you don’t notice normally but when you have to be somewhere it becomes more obvious.

I’d suggest either pushing back your ADR if possible or moving it up to pre-Rope Drop if possible. The ADR finder here would be the obvious suggestion to try to find a new ADR…

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I didn’t see the ROL dining package in the res finder? I assumed it wasn’t there bc it was a package? Let me know if I’m just missing it. Thanks!