9:15 ADR at Akershus with 9:00 park opening- how early will they let us in?

We have a 9:15 AM ADR when Epcot open at 9:00. What time will they let us into the park to check in at Akershus. It seems that if we wait with the rest of the RD crowd we will have a hard time making our 9:15 ADR on time.

Next question- We have a 9:00-10:00 FP+ for test track. The Akershus ADR was an after thought and I can no longer move the Test Track FP as they are all gone for the date we are at Epcot. Is it possible to go straight to TT (especially if they will let us in the park a little early for our ADR) and then make it to our 9:15 ADR at Akershus?

Thanks for all the great advise on this page!

For pre-Rope Drop breakfasts there’s a special line - IIRC it’s to the right at Epcot. But you can ask a CM and they should help you. What I don’t know is exactly what time your Breakfast needs to be to be on the list - we’ve always done it with a breakfast that was pre Rope Drop. My guess is at 9:15 you might be OK though - worth trying.

I’d think, especially with a FP, that you could ride TT first and then head over. It’s not like they’ll give away your table if you arrive at 9:30 anyway…

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I agree, most likely you will get in at 9:00. I would go to the FP (or move it).