9/10 3 park plan - anyone willing to help plan?

Tuesday 9/10 - party of 2 - staying offsite - 3 parks AK, HS, and MK MNSSHP - we are spending the remainder of our trip at UO, but my heart REALLY wants to see WDW, and this day may be the only chance for a long time.

Would it be absolutely bananas to try to get in the following rides in 1 day? Anyone willing to help me figure it out?

AK - FoP, Everest
HS - ToT, RnR, SDD, look around GE (or might there be a chance to ride anything in GE?
(Epcot? Maybe from HS, take boat to IG, and walk thru, just to take in a little bit of the park, then take monorail to MK)
MK - get MNSSHP tix, but get to MK in time to ride JC before it closes for the party, then hope to have short waits for the evening during the party Splash, BTMR, SM, POC, etc. What time might be best for 7DMT ?

I do not have the confidence in myself to logically figure this out, especially since we can’t use EMH OR EE. Can it be done?

Pull EPcot and GE out and maybe

It’s an ambitious plan and you might have to trade off some things if/when you fall behind on time. Here is how I would try it:

  1. Rope Drop AK - Walk on FOP; Get a fast past for EE and try to modify it up as early as possible.
  2. Leave AK and go directly to HS it is a 30 minute ride from AK and so this transfer will suck up some time -all three of those rides will have huge wait times, FP’s for SDD will not be available. Try to get a FP for either TOT or RNR. You will need to have a tier 2 FP before you can try for another FP for either TOT or RNR. Scan for that third FP and try for another FP on one of the other rides. Depending on time, you might be able to walk through GE.
  3. Grab a boat / gondola from HS to Epcot. Walk through Epcot and pick up the monorail to MK. Attempt to grab a fastpass for JC and try to modify it up.
  4. At this point it should be around 3:30 or 4:00 PM. You should be able to ride some rides until MNSSHP which starts at 7:00 PM.
    We did four parks in one day on our last trip. It was a blast!!

Good Luck!

If u hit AK at 8am, get loaded mac n cheese at 8 spoons then hit coasters at HS, getting a FP for Rock n roll to cover about 11:30 am,

u could get to Epcot by 3pm, walk around, get lunch, leave EP by monorail for about 1 hr b4 Jungle Cruise closes, get party tix, ride Jungle Cruise and enjoy rest of day
Or instead of going to WS at EP, u could walk around GE a bit
U wont want to drive or u might have to uber back to ur car at AK.

AK has 7am EMH, should we still RD at 8am and head straight to FOP?

MK closes at 6, is that also the latest we could get in line for JC?

I did TPs for both ways, u wouldnt be able to get to HS till 9, losing that hour. Any few minutes u gained, u lost at AK. Also, if u want to hit WS or walk around GE, ull want to do HS second.

Yes, ull want to get in queue before 6 though. Ive been a little liberal with the time so if u getting on the monorail at 5pm, u should be fine. If time doesnt work out, ride JC then get party tix.

You will have to wait until 8:00 AM since you are staying off site. It is going to cost you time because all WDW Resort guest we be in line ahead of you.

But they wouldnt be able to get in HS till 9am.

She was asking about AK EMH’s… If they go to HS second, they should be getting there well after 9:00 AM.

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Yes but the ride waits at 9am for HS wasnt much better than at 11:30. Plus, shes losing 1 hour right off the bat.
HS has EMH from 6am-9am.

Gosh, you guys are great!

I understand that I am unable to use any Extra Magic Hours.

I would also get MNSSHP tix ahead of time, so we aren’t wasting time buying at the park.

I forgot to suggest that! U could start at HS first, wait just a bit less for those rides, will be harder to get FPs earlier in the day. My plan relied on getting a FP for RRC. If u cant, it adds, if I remember correctly 35 mins to wait. Its puts u later at AK and FOP and EE wait times increase. Plus, I always factor in meals with coasters. I dont like to eat heavy b4. If u do AK second, ull end around 3:30ish. If u do HS second, u end at 2:30ish.

What about single rider lines for EE and RnRC? They might help, no?

Might even skip RnRC, it tends to give me a headache.

Single rider should help at EE. I dont use single rider. I like riding with DH. If u skip RRC, i would suggest maybe TSM or AS, getting FP for ToT.

Im with u, music is too loud. Weve skipped b4 unless wait was under 20, didnt eat with in an hour or so and am in a crazy fun mood, lol.

I’m fine with the music, love it loud. But my brain hates the jerking around.

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Using multiple TPs I’ve worked out a four park sampler plan for off site guests, four of them, one showing her dad WDW for the first time. Using Disney transportation.

Begin at AK about 7:30 in case there is an early RD for the off site folks Head to FOP. Then in order, as can do until 11, Kilimanjaro Safaris, EE and Dino - expecting to skip Dino.

Transfer to HS with a FP for Star Tours waiting (timing is critical here) followed by a FP for Toy Story Mania. Head to MK by 2 at the latest.

At MK begin with Magic Carpets of Aladdin, Tiki Birds, Pirates, Big Thunder Mtn, Mickey’s Philharmagic, try to pull the Sword from the Stone, Tea Cups, and possibly Carousel of Progress and probably not Buzz because it’s a MNSSHP night. TP actually has them at CoP at 5:47. (Cracks me up!) In actuality, whatever works by 6 pm.

Then ferry and monorail to Epcot. ADR at San Angel Inn at 8:30, so perhaps FEA but certainly Gran Fiesta Tour before eating. Must do Illuminations which may be possible as it’s at 10 this night. If there’s time after eating and before Illuminations, perhaps MiS Orange.

Since I’m not doing this, it’ll be interesting to see how it works out. It’s kind of the great experiment.

RnRC single rider won’t help at all.

+1 for single rider at RnR not helping at all, I went SR because I was traveling alone and ended up waiting more then if I had done stand by. SR for EE works very well.

FOP is the one that makes this hard. EEMH will make RD not work so well, so it is a very hard line to avoid.

Are you willing to start at HS, then EPCOT, then Lyft to AK then Lyft to MNSSHP?

You could star at HS with the earliest useful FP you can get (right now this is ToT for your day) and either 2 burner tier 2s (to guarantee you can get a new tier 1 after using them) or nothing and ride the other 2 on stand by (or try to see if they are indeed allowing SDFP without using tier 2s as some people are saying might happen). There is no data about how stand by lines are going to be on EEMH days, so it might be super easy or you may end up only being able to do one of them. Then you try for the FOP same day drop at 11:01,1:01 and 3:01. Depending on if and when you get the same day drop you might need to go to AK without stopping by Epcot first.

This is risky because if you don’t get a same day drop for FOP you might not have time to ride it stand by before needing to leave to make it in time for Jungle cruise (but you will have enough time to go to AK and at least do EE SR), but it would be an exciting day :slight_smile: