9:05am BOG Reservation - Will they let us in MK early?


We have a 9:05am breakfast reservation at Be Our Guest in Magic Kingdom. Will they let us in the park early, before the 9am rope drop? If so, how early can we get in?


Everyone gets in to Main St at 8am. You're supposed to check in for an ADR 15 mins before so my guess is that you'll be allowed to get to BOG before 9am but I don't know that it's guaranteed.


Yes there are variable reports on this. Some say you'll be let in, others (like myself) have been told that you'll make the 9:05 by entering with the masses and will be denied early entry. It may depend on the CM standing guard, or it may be a judgment call WDW makes based on expected crowd levels.


I've had this situation at AK for a 9:05 TH breakfast and they did not let us in early despite it being a hike to get back there. We were simply told that "you're allowed to be a few minutes late... only reservations that are before actual opening can go in before opening and they know that back there".


It's ridiculous how it can differ. When we had an 8.05 ADR at CP, with a 9am opening, everyone with an ADR up to 9.30 was allowed in at 7.45.