9:00 BOG considered PPO?

I know everything will be different when things re-open, so who knows. BUT, in the past, would a 9:00 ADR be considered PPO and so I can reasonably expect to enter with other PPO visitors at 7:45-8?

I don’t think so dude.

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No, has to be before park opening, so before 9am.

No. You’ll miss the benefits of a PPO.

I have been considering an 8:00 PPO for BOG and Crystal Palace, not on the same day., and not on an EMH morning. Hoping that would get us through the tapstiles before the crowd.

Crystal palace will put you behind the crowds since they open main st to everyone early. BOG is great for 7DMT.


Thank you. I knew that there was a reason I had been planning a late breakfast or early lunch. I forgot.

Yes— we did a late breakfast there and it was perfect!

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We had - one year, but who knows when - an ADR at Akershus at maybe 9:05 or maybe 9:10 am. I do know this was back when parks were opening at 9 am. Unless you had an ADR.

We had got to Epcot and thru security about 8:30 when my sister says, can we go in early? I was clueless but there was a CM with a clipboard so I asked. She found our name on the list and in we went, maybe about 8:40.

My sister likes walking thru an empty park . . .

Note: we weren’t intending to get on rides early, just have breakfast with the Princesses because my sister’s granddaughter and her other grandmother were on the trip with us.