8am SDD FPP up for 2/7 probably other dates

8am SDD FPP up for 2/7 probably other dates


Thank you so much! Just managed to change by 6:00 PM one to an 8:30 AM one on Tuesday 18th.

Yes Feb 3rd too!! Finally!!!

Thanks much! Just changed our 6:30 pm to 8:40 am!

Thanks for the heads up! I wasn’t able to get SDD at 60+2 on our FP day, but was just able to snag one for 2/11:)

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Thanks for posting. I missed the Tier 1 8 am’s but I was able to move up 1 of my Tier 2’s.

We were discussing this on another thread. Congrats to everyone who got to grab a SDD FP or move theirs up.

As of now, I see an 8:55 and 9:20 on my day (2/4/20)

thanks! went from 5:50pm to 8:45am on 2/13.

@pjurban I was wondering if you got it, from the other thread. I got a 8:35am (wanted a later one!) so maybe we’ll pass each other. :slight_smile:

Yes! nabbed one for 8:55am.

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Yep. It has been like this since RotR opened and they keep changing park hours. Any time they move up park opening new FPs seem to become available. Get on MDE the day they change the hours and you should be able to snag all the hard to get ones :slight_smile:

When they changed the park hours for my HS day (2/4/20), around 3/4 pm on Friday 1/24… it wasn’t until yesterday morning at around 6:30-7:30 am when new SDD, TOT and ST FP’s dropped. I think ASS and TSM new FP’s dropped within 24 hours.

Most people have said new FP’s dropped right away or within hours of park hour changes but my experience was VERY different!

Same boat as @Jmarkey86 for 2/13, they changed hours on same day as mentioned and also dropped the FPP same as mentioned, for those tracking!