8am CRT but now it’s an EMH day

I have an 8am breakfast in Cinderella’s castle. Park hours just got changed to EMH. I was hoping to beat the crowds for a picture. What’s my best bet now? Also, should we take resort transportation or Uber/Lyft? When will they let people through the gate?

Our experience is still being let through with ADR at 7:40 for an 8am reservation. Sucks when it happens though b/c you hope to be getting out before the huge masses come through the gates at 9…

Ugh that happened to us last year, had a pre-RD BOG breakfast then it changed to EMH.
What resort are you coming from for your CRT res? We stayed at GF in November and transportation was a HUGE pain, we did Lyft if we had something to get to like that.

We’re staying at AoA. I think we will just try to get an Uber or Lyft with car seats and get there as early as we can. I’m super bummed. I thought we would have a chance at getting in line after breakfast to little crowds. Guess not!