8am character meals

What time can I expect to be finished? Will we miss park opening? Looking at Akershus and Crystal Palace.

That really depends on what time the park opens, but Crystal Palace will likely be less than an hour. I think Akershus can be a little longer, because I think the speaking characters generally take longer to make the rounds. I like the early breakfast slots, but then I’m never one to really rush anywhere at rope drop, either… in truth, if I don’t have an early reservation then I don’t usually get there for RD!

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We had an 8:10am at Aker on a 9:00 opening day. We arrived at EP and got into the park right around 7:45, were the second family seated, ate and met all the characters, had a birthday cupcake for DD4, and were in line for FEA by 8:50. I didn’t feel rushed, but my crew also eats fast and does not care for sitting around, so that works in our favor. Even if you are a few minutes into park opening, its still a fun experience to start your day with.


We had an 8.05 at CP last Aug and got out right around 9 but I had put a 15 minute break at 9am in the touring plan just in case.

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Recommendation: ask for the check as soon as your server comes around the first time (if you’re not planning on ordering any extras not included in the meal). That way, your payment is taken care of and you can leave to enter the park as soon as you’re ready.