8am Breakfast ADR at HS and RR

Curious if anyone has done 8am breakfast with 8am HS opening and trying to get RR BG. Did you go in a different way or have the opportunity to get inside before BG opened? We are considering keeping our 8am reservation just to let the toddler enjoy her favorite characters, eat an overpriced breakfast and not deal with the crowds of RD. We have amazing FP times and sections booked so more interested in shows beyond that and grabbing 4th and beyond FP for the day. Anyone for to breakfast in the last week and gotten a BG?

They are letting people into DHS before opening time, as boarding groups open up right at opening time.

So you wouldn’t get early entry as such. However you will be allowed beyond the point where they hold everyone else, so you would at least get out of the crowd. I don’t know how you get through the crowds to get to the restaurant though, maybe someone can chime in.

I would arrive 45 minutes before park opening to give yourself time to find the ADR line if there is one. And get to H&V. Once there, you would need to be ready to book a boarding group right on 8am, either just outside H&V or inside.

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