8am-6pm park hours?!?!?

We are visiting Universal for just one day the last weekend in April. The posted park hours now show 8am-6pm! I understand that the early closing is for their Grad Bash. We are really only going for to The Wizarding Worlds, so I was planning to be finished by 4pm, anyway. But I have two questions for the experts here…

  1. We are staying onsite specifically to get the early entry. Does this mean we will be entering at 7am? Ugh!

  2. The crowd predictions for Saturday, which is when we intended to go, are a 5/6. Friday has a 2/4. How crowded are Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade going to feel with a 5/6? Would it be worth changing our plans around to visit on Friday? (We are doing Disney the days prior, but could switch and then finish with Disney on Saturday.)

Any advice is welcome! Thanks!

Yes 7am entry. Crowd levels don’t really matter the wwohp is always very busy regardless of cl. However as both that fri and sat are grad bash I would switch to fri using early entry at 7 am.
https://touringplans.com/ebooks wwohp e book here is very good. You might find you need all day after reading it. Enjoy

Thanks so much! At least I can be hopeful that not too many people will be willing to get up early enough to roll into the parks by 7am. I guess we’ll be safe to play it by ear. Just wish you could make extra FP+ selections in advance in case we switch days. Enjoying the ebook!

Thanks for sharing the e-book, very helpful