8 Days To Go and I'm Freaking Out

I’ve got 8 Days left and I feel so unprepared…like I haven’t glanced at any of the plans I made in months. I’m still haven’t checked in. I’m having dreams where I left the magic bands or missed the flight. I’m nervous about bringing my 9 month old and the best way to tote him around. I’m nervous about my DH dealing with his PTSD within the Disney crowds. I’m scared the plans are wrong…or I haven’t planned enough. I don’t know where to stand for Wishes. I don’t have a clue about the new AK night time events. The last time I went to Disney with my oldest son, it went so smoothly. I felt so confident. Now…not so much. Someone save me from myself!

It’s ok! Remember you will be at Disney and that’s fun even if you are just sitting on a bench people watching with a citrus swirl. Just make lists before you board the plane to make sure you’ve got everything with you, and then enjoy yourself! You’re going to have a great vacation!

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Relax! You got this! A 9 month old? Let’s be honest here- you will have to be flexible! Deep breaths! Are you bringing a stroller or have you ordered one? If you have that- you are all set!

Snuggle your baby and relax. You’re about to get tons of cute pictures of his 1st Disney trip. We brought along our baby bjorn when going with babies and it was super helpful on rides. Made us feel safer. This is a good time to make a packing list too. starting with the magic bands you’re scared of forgetting :slight_smile: make a list of things you want to look up, like AK nighttime events, and then google as much as you have time for. The rest will work out. Remember that you’re so far ahead of people who haven’t made any plans. Just make sure to pack your plans and you can look over each one the night before. This isn’t a test. You don’t have to cram :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone. I needed a minute to just vent. I know at the end of the day, we’re going to have a great trip if we all just relax and go with the flow. I’m back to excited! That was easy. Lol


check in right now! it’ll save you time at the front desk
your MBs: you can replace them, don’t worry
losing flights: you’ll get a later flight, don’t worry
your baby: a fold up umberella stroller is your friend
your DH: tom sawyer island and lots of snack breaks in a quiet spot. my DM loves the rocking chairs in frontierland
your plans: any plan no matter how wierd is 127% better than no plan (which is how most people travel) you’ve got this!
wishes watching: in front of Plaza restaurant, preferably with a huge decadent ice cream in your hand and sitting in one of those nice comfy yellow chairs and tables.
AK night: no-one has a clue, don’t worry!

relax! you’re at home in WDW!!!


Take the time, once you’re there, to just soak in the feeling of the various parks. I love that “We’re not in Kansas anymore” feeling!

You might want to take a peek at your plans, and do an evaluate just to refresh some of the times of shows, etc. I did that today and found some show times changed. Fortunately, nothing major.