8 am ADR for CRT in June. When will be allowed in to MK?

We have ADR for CRT at 8am in June. It is not an EMH day. We are staying at POR. When should we realistically be at the bus depot and when will be allowed into MK for the breakfast? To get there at 8 we will need time to walk through Main Street, etc.

We stayed at POR in October and had an early ADR at CP. I would say you would probably want to arrive at MK no later than 7:30 am, which would most likely mean to arrive at the bus stop around 6:30 am. There will be a line of guests at MK that also have ADRs for CRT and other restaurants.

Just a word of warning, though – I would suggest you have a backup plan for transportation too. I am a very early riser (as my username suggests), and we were the first ones at the bus stop to go to MK for our ADR. I think it was around 6:00 am. Bus after bus after bus for all the other parks came by, but one for MK didn’t stop for us until just before 8:00 am. This was the only day of our 14-day trip when this happened, but it was really frustrating. I called Disney transportation before the bus arrived. They assured me that CL would allow us to be late under the circumstances, and they gave everyone in our party an extra FP+ to help make up for it, which was nice, but it still got us off to a rocky start for the day. So you might decide in advance on an absolute cut-off time for waiting for the bus and perhaps have the Uber or Lyft app ready to go.

What was the typical ride time to MK? I have planned an hour for transportation each trip in and out of each park each day. If we are late for CRT it won’t derail our plans too much for after breakfast except that I wanted as many “people free” pictures as we can get on our way down Main street and in front of the castle before we eat breakfast. What bus stop would you recommend at POR?

Also, we will have our own vehicle. If a bus does not show up on time, what is the best way to get to MK using our own transportation and will we have to pay for parking?

I want to say that the bus ride time is about 20 minutes from POR. Our room was near the East Depot, so that is the one we always took. I believe it was the third stop for the bus at POR. If I remember correctly, the bus stops first at the West Depot, so using that one might increase your odds of getting on a bus before it fills up. (Perhaps another Liner can confirm this.)

We’ve always relied on the bus system to get to the parks, so, unfortunately, I don’t have any advice for you on driving your own car there. I’m sure someone here will have that information though.

Parking at the MK is free for Walt Disney World Resort guests. Just show the attendant your magic band. The only issue with driving is you will have to work your way through the TTC and security so you need to allow a little extra time to get there.

When you arrive at the front gates, you will make your way to far right. There is a cast member there with a clipboard with the names of everybody with PPO ADR’s. You give them your name and they will let you in!