8/6 FPP Results!

FPP day was this morning for our Oct trip and these were my results. Traveling party is 4 adults and our trip is 10/5-10/12. I had my phone, iPad, and laptop ready to go and at 7am on the dot, started making FPPs on my phone because that’s what’s easiest for me. That worked for making 3 FPPs, then stopped working. iPad wasn’t working either so I went to the laptop where Chrome didn’t work (kept saying we didn’t have tickets linked) but IE worked thankfully (the tip on trying different browsers is real!). IE worked for a while with the occasional Olaf, then around 7:20 MDE on my phone finally worked again and I switched back to that.

I did SDD first for 60+5 and earliest available was 11:10am (I checked about 15 mins later and earliest was 3:30pm). Then FOP at 60+6 with plenty of times available, then TT at 60+3 and 7DMT at 60+4, both with no issues getting what I wanted. Then went and filled in the rest and this is what we ended up with by 7:30am (when I had to leave for work):

60 - Epcot - FEA 6:20pm, Nemo 7:25pm, SE 8:45pm
60+1 - MK - 8:20am Buzz/Space (splitting the group), 9:25am BTMRR, 10:25am Splash
60+2 - Universal
60+3 - Epcot - TT 9:25am, Pixar 10:40am, Nemo 12pm (doubt we will be using our tier 2s)
60+4 - MK (not arriving until the afternoon) - Meet Mickey/Minnie 3pm, PP 4:05pm, 7DMT 5:05pm
60+5 - HS - Frozen 10am, SDD 11:10am, ST 12:10pm
60+6 - AK - FOP 8:30am, KS 9:45am, Dinosaur 11:15am

Overall pretty pleased with how everything went!

Does anyone know what the Mickey/Minnie meet and greet at MK is changing to after 9/30? The FPP says “now through September 30, 2019” but still let me book it?


I’m guessing it will switch back to Mickey alone. Right now Minnie is meeting with him in their celebration outfits for the birthday year.

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That’s what I assumed, wasn’t sure if it was confirmed. Too bad since they’re so cute in the bday outfits. Thanks!