8:30 Rivers of Light after 6:50 Tusker House ADR

Have a 6:50 dinner reservation at Tusker House (for 10 people) They just opened up another Rivers of Light showing at 8:30. I’m going to try to move the reservation up but if I can’t Is there any way we will make it in time? I probably will not have FastPasses. Crowd level is 6.

Without a FPP I think it would be difficult. For a group that size I would definitely expect dinner to take 90 minutes, which would get you out at 8:20pm. While that is plenty of time to get to the show, with crowds and lines I doubt there will be seating left for standby by then.

If you’re unable to secure a FPP I have heard that the dining area for Flame Tree BBQ is a decent spot to view the show. While not from the vantage point it was intended to be seen, and therefore some of the effect will be lost, many have said this is a low stress option if necessary.