8:30 Fantasmic and 9:10 Savi's?

We will be at HS on a night with 8:30 pm Fantasmic and EMH until 10:30 pm. The only Savi’s reservation I was able to get was for 9:10 pm. Do you think this is do-able? I’m constantly looking for Savi’s openings for that day, but if I can’t get another time is it crazy to try to do both? I know it will likely involve running totally across the park. We are two adults and are up for that. I haven’t been to HS since Galaxy’s Edge opened and it’s been a few years since I’ve done Fantasmic, so I’m not sure how crazy it is there lately. Thanks for any insights or tips!

This would be pretty tough. Fantasmic will end around 9, and then if it was a matter of just getting across the park you could hustle…the problem would be the thousands of people slowly exiting the Fantasmic viewing area and the long path they make you take. If you sit on the far right side at the top of the stands (facing the stage) and can be at the front of the masses exiting, you might have more of a chance. CM arent going to let you full on run through the park if they see you though. I am not sure if someone who has done Savi’s knows if there is a grace period on reservation time? Like if you showed up 15 min late? I think its impossible without a grace period, without missing a chunk of Fantasmic.

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Thanks for the response. I will still try to get another time for Savi’s but if we can’t get that I hope sitting as close as possible to the Fantasmic exit would make a difference. Would love to hear if someone who has done Savi’s could speak to the strictness of the reservation time. It was my impression it wasn’t very flexible but maybe a few minutes would be OK?