8/23 sat. 50 days to go

49 days for us can’t wait

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Hello Steve and hello Liners, welcome to the weekend! 35 days for me - 5 weeks from right now I’ll be on DME enroute to OKW!

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It’s a silhouette of Jafar. Kinda. Look at the red between Mickey’s feet/legs

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I just got the wishes fpp this morning so it’s possible

Good morning!! 111 days for us! Today is my anniversary!! I’ve been married to an amazing man who I’ve converted to a Disneyite! Have a wonderful weekend everyone :slight_smile:


Happy anniversary @MooreDisneyPlease!

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Thank you @SallyEppcot!!

59 Days for me, got my fpp now to work on touring plans

For all of you going this week have a great time. @ChipinNY, @AliceInChicagoland, @teamcooyon, @JustKeepSmiling

@pod4christ enjoy the mk,

@MooreDisneyPlease happy anniversary


I re-discovered why I didn’t do that before. My fpp for SDMT is 8-9 and there’s no way I can change that!

Tomorrow at this time, I should be at Coronado Springs Resort!

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And we will be arriving at beach club! Maybe I’ll see you on the DME!

Good morning! So excited to see all of the people heading to WDW this week. We will join you in 6 days (Fri)! Just curious if anyone else is planning to do the Illuminations dessert party 8/30 or the TTDP on 8/31? Yes, we’ve gone a bit crazy with dessert parties but we have lots of celebrations this trip! Hope to see some of you soon! :grinning:

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