8:15am ADR at Akershus. When will they let us into EC

We have an 8:15am ADR at Akershus. When I made it I didn’t know it was an early entry day at EC. What time will they allow us into the park. Is it possible to get in early, hurry to the Forever after ride, ride it and be at Akershus by 8:15? I have been trying to get 9am reservation so we can get to the ride at rope drop and then go to breakfast but it’s not happening. Fast pass wasn’t possible as we are doing a parkhopper with MK and could only make FP for one park. This trip is all about Princesses for our 4 little great granddaughters.

They start letting in breakfast reservations at 7:45am. So if you’re willing to arrive a little after 7am, you’ll be one of the first through. Should be able to walk quickly to FEA and be off before your 8:15 res fairly easily. I will say that while many advise dropping breakfast ADRs when it is a morning EMH, I think your situation will be very nice! I probably rushed my family through their breakfast to get into FEA before the crowd. You’ll get your ride in and be able to enjoy your breakfast!

Thank you! Will we be able to go straight to the ride or have to wait for rope drop with the ADR at 8:15am?

Once through the turnstiles there is no additional RD like at MK. We walked straight back to the restaurant. They may not start the ride until exactly 8am, but even if you have to wait a few minutes for them to start, it isn’t a long ride. You should be fine time-wise.

Thanks again. This makes me feel so much better. We have a lot of princesses to cover in one day at EC and MK and Elsa is a must for the 2 yr old or we wouldn’t be doing EC.