8:15 Breakfast Reservations?

I know most ADR’s will be honored 15 minutes early or 15 minutes late… what about an 8:15 ADR INSIDE a park? Can we get in for 8:00am?

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Yes, in January i had an 8:30 ADR for The Garden Grill. Not only was I able to get in before 8 i was seated by 8:05


Literally the restaurant in question for me! HA! you’re awesome, thank you so much! :slight_smile:

@galuchies - this is exactly my same situation in August and I was hoping for same outcome. Thanks for the info!
(How was the breakfast?)

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“All you care to enjoy” bacon and mini Mickey waffles. Need I say more.


For a pre-park open reservation, they generally start letting people into the park at 7:45 (for a 9:00) open. I have heard that anyone with a reservation before 8:30 can get in at that time. I know GG seats people in the order they arrive at the podium during that time, not the time of the ADR.


Piggy-backing on this given your point about 8:30 entry…
Just got a BOG 8:30 reservation. Does that mean that we would not be let in early and seated early? Is the best bet to either move it up (if that miraculously is possible) or to just cancel it if our goal was to be able to RD the Merida Meet that day?

I don’t know the actual cut-off time for early admittance. Perhaps someone else knows?

They’d have to let you through early at the Hub.

So whilst they might not let you through the gates early, you would be able to get through to BOG once in the Hub.

To be honest though, I really don’t see them trying to coordinate letting all those with times between 8 and 8:30 through at 7:45, and holding everyone else with the rd crowd. Then there’d be people trying to push through at the Hub to get to the CMs.

This is specifically for MK, where everyone gets in an hour early.

As far as I know, a PPO reservation at any time will let you into the other parks early. There will be a special line for all PPO reservations, tours etc.

You have to go all the way to the left (in my experience) to the CM who typically is holding a sign who will either check their list or scan your band. Other CMs stationed at the stopping points will direct you to this person and they will let you through.