8:10 BOG on EMH day (staying off property)

Hey, I just randomly scored a BOG breakfast ADR for 8:10. Woot!
It’s an EMH day (CL 10) and we are staying off-property. Regular RD is at 9am.

Reading previous posts, it seems like this could enable us to get in the standby line for 7DMT or PPF before the RD (but not ride before 9:00), which…might?..make for a decent-length wait (???).

We have never done a park breakfast before. What do ya think, is there any real advantage to this ADR on an EMH day?

Otherwise, I’ll stick to our normal granola-bars-at-RD breakfast plan, lol.

The on-site crowds, EMH, will already make these queues start to have significant waits before you can even get there.

If you were considering using this to get to Frontierland / Adventureland it might be worth it. However, the overwhelming majority of EMH guests go right to Fantasyland. The rest go to Tomorrowland.

If you haven’t been inside The Beast’s castle this is a nice and inexpensive way to do it.

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