8:05 CP ADR, then to AE

So far we have been unable to get an AE FP+.

Has anyone had an ADR for CP at 8:05 am lately and then headed to the line for AE? I’m thinking that might be the ideal morning to get in line for AE. Yay or Nay?

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I haven’t done it yet, but it’s my plan with CRT in a few weeks because I haven’t been able to get A&E either.


Ask for your check when you sit down, eat fast, and don’t wait for all the characters.

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@crazysublady - please let us know how it goes!!! We have an 8:05 CP reservation in a month and DD6 really wants to see A&E. I’d love for her to get to see them, but I cannot wait if it’s more than 45 minutes… I just can’t :wink: We will leave my mom and sis to check out while we head for the rope…

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Part of the highlight of crystal Palace is seeing all the pooh characters without waiting in line. Getting that early CP reservation can also help you see A&E little wait. You just have to prioritize all Pooh characters with no wait or A&E with little wait. I think many people will choose the latter.