8:05 ADR, park now opening at 8 AM

I had booked a pre-RD ADR at CP for 8:05 AM. They’ve now changed the hours and MK will open at 8:00. Will they still let us in a little early to get back there on time (and get a pic in the empty park)?

I believe they will have a separate ADR line, but I’m sorry to say that the park won’t be empty. I expect they’ll do the welcome show at 20 or 15 minutes before the hour as usual, and people will be entering the park by ten minutes 'til. It will be crowded.

Even on a 9 am opening day, it wasn’t empty at 7:45 when they let all the ADR people into the park. There were a lot of people with pre-RD ADRs at CP and CRT and they all enter at the same time.

It’s still nice though! Enjoy your breakfast. Take a couple of photos on your way in, but don’t dilly-dally too much. You’ll still need to check in at CP and then wait to be seated. The line at 7:55 was pretty long when I was there for an 8 am ADR last week. it didn’t take too long to be seated though.

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Thanks @SallyEppcot! I know it won’t be totally empty (did CRT last year at same time, when park opened at 9:00). Loved those pics and was hoping to get more. We’ll get the extra early and hope to get a jump on the regular crowds.

And @len – I was tracking this day (12/13), but didn’t get an email about the hours changing. Not sure when the hours changed, and if it just didn’t go through whatever process you have to send out emails, but thought I’d let you know in case.

Ah, we’ll look at that. Thanks for the heads-up.