7Dwarfs at Rope Drop

I won’t be able to schedule FPP ahead of time so figure RD is my best shot at 7D with minimal wait. I’ve seen that some here have said the wait can be up to an hour at RD. Honestly amazed by this. TP says that today (fairly crowded) the wait is forecasted at 60min at 10am so thinking the wait at opening should be significantly less. If you’re at the MK gate early, walk with a purpose and take the Tomorrowland entrance, is there a chance of a walk on?? Presumably some will walk-on just figuring how I can be one of those folk. :slight_smile: Is the issue now that many head to 7Dwarfs first?

DW and I were at MK on a level 9 a few weeks ago. We got to 7D right after it reopened following a temp weather shutdown and waiting no more than 20min. Thinking that may be a useful strategy for using a shutdown to ones advantage. Requires constantly checking the app and some luck though.

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Good morning @Sam2071 - I’d do just what you outlined above. The folks who get on first will most likely be coming from early breakfasts at CP and CRT, unless it is early EMH day. Stay toward the front of the crowd, near the CM with the rope.

Morning @MeetMeAtThePoly ! Fascinating. I totally forgot about that and haven’t done a pre-RD breakfast at the MK in many years and have totally forgotten how that works. How does it work for those folk? Are they already waiting at 7D even as the CM with the rope walks to 7D? Where do the two groups intersect? Sounds like this isn’t an issue on am EMH days? We actually have a day that we could hit the MK at am EMH. Maybe the best day esp for 7D? Thanks!

Yes I’d hit RD on an early EMH day if possible and head straight to 7DMT. The early breakfast people will not be an issue on those early EMH days.

If you’re willing to miss seeing the welcome show and go all the way up to the entrance on the right side, you’ll have even better luck

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If you have plans to be in the park late into the evening, we got in line after 11 last night, and although it was posted at 60 min wait, we were on the ride in less than 30. The idea of standing in the hot FL sun, even at 9 am, doesn’t appeal to me as much as the dark evening hours. Ride is also a blast at night with the park all lit up. Enjoy!!!


@MeetMeAtThePoly Now we’re cooking w gas. Thanks again.

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@joannes1959 Thank you! So, I shouldn’t necessarily be discouraged by a long posted wait. That’s quite a. Inflation in times. I wonder if WDW exaggerates their posted times even more toward the end of the day as a way to help close the attraction not too late. I have been on 7d at night and totally magical as you said. Haven’t been on by day this the RD push.

@keithloveswaffles I know this works against my goal but can’t imagine missing the Welcome Show. Maybe I’ll shoot for a happy medium spot.

@Sam2071 Rule of thumb for 7DMT, if the standby line is completely outside the entrance and wraps around the outside along the wooden fence, walk away. Inside the gate is better and you will at least have big cool fans blowing on you.