7DMT - Would you drop FP?

We have a FP for 7DMT at 3:15 on our first MK day. I’m contemplating modifying it to something else, but it seems so wrong to get rid of a 7DMT FP. I originally planned to get our first three FPs early enough that we could spend a couple hours in Fantasyland and Tomorrowland getting as many same-day FPs as we can. I figured we could minimize the waiting, which might be key with my youngest (3 soon to be 4). The 3:15 slot doesn’t work well for this plan. We have a FP for 7DMT on our 2nd MK day too.

Any suggestions?

Are you planning to RD? What other rides are priorities, and what other FPPs do you have? How many people and what’s the predicted CL?

Gut instinct would be to hold it and decide on the day. I find most of the FPPs in MK pretty easy to pull same day. So I would hold it, and then, depending on what I’m doing the rest of the day, modify it to another ride if I need to in that day.

If you have another priority ride that you don’t have a FPP for, though, then I’d go ahead and modify to that one at an earlier time.

Keep it, but keep trying to modify. You might get lucky.


I would not drop it.

We planned to RD it - then got stuck on a monorail.

Wait 50 mins for it and it went down. :rage:
That generated FPs, but with a party night/early close it was hard to fit in.

Next day at MK went after 11PM fireworks ant it went down again.

Keep the FP if the rides matters to you.


I agree your best option is to hold it and try to modify to earlier when you are in the parks. If you are able to RD 7DMT you can drop the FP at that time. It’s the hardest FP to get and the longest line so unless you are willing to skip it, I’d hold onto it.


If you are up for in park breakfast do PPO Be Our Guest and you could be first to ride 7DMT, and if that works out then you could drop it same day.

3:15pm is not that late, you will still be able to enjoy same day FPs.

7DMT is so short and so good that even if you manage to RD, it is very likely that you will wish to keep your FP so you can ride it again. And having the FP will take some of the stress out of RDing (including RDing other rides, which is a much less stressful experience for any other ride at MK)


Yes, we plan to RD. Starting left to do pirates, jungle cruise, and work toward haunted mansion around to BOG for lunch. FPs for Peter Pan and Enchanted Tales. 2nd Day FPs for BTMR, Buzz and 7DMT. Splash is closed during our trip and kids are too young for Space.

Now that you asked these questions it seems like more sense to keep it. I’m not sure what I would replace it with that I can’t get same day (maybe), do at RD one of the days, or get one with minimal line. It is estimated CL of 4 so it shouldn’t be too bad.

We just won’t get many same day FPs that day. We will do the parade, use the 7DMT FP, and head to our dining reservation. Planned to leave the park after that since our kids are young and can usually only handle a 7-8 hour park day without a break.