7DMT Same Day Fast Pass

In general, are same day FP drops available for 7DMT? What about a CL 7 day?
I just realized my FP doesn’t make logistical sense. Crystal Palace ADR at 8:20 and FP at
9:50. Ideally, I want to be in Adventureland after Crystal Palace. But I don’t dare switch this coveted FP with something else. At least not yet.
12:30 FP - Splash Mountain
2:45 FP - Big Thunder
Park opens at 9:00. Should I try for standby after breakfast? Or bite the bullet and roll my breakfast belly back to Fantasyland for the FP?

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With crystal palace at 8:20, I would not count on making it for 7dmt at RD. I’ve always had luck getting same day for 7dmt, but usually CL2-5. I’d suggest you check periodically before your trip to try to change that FPP time to something that works with your schedule.

Yeah, I’ve heard it feels like ages waiting for the characters to come around at CP. I’m sure that’s why I made my first FP with time to spare. Only thing I didn’t consider was proximity of CP to 7DMT. I saw that FP available and grabbed it. Probably safe to say I won’t be out of CP before 9:00.

I think it makes sense, depending what you’re doing in Adventureland. Remember you’ve got till 10.50 to use it.

Also, we’ve done CP twice and been out before 9, but we had an 8.05 and an 8.10, and were among the first seated both times.


Just a tangential thought.

Character breakfasts are hugely expensive. The food can be good and the character interactions a lot of fun.

It pains me to think of people rushing them.


If you want to meet all of the Pooh & Friends characters you need to allot at least 75 - 80 minutes for the meal. CP has the largest floor plan of the MK character meals, so it takes the characters much larger to do a full rotation.

Same day drops are possible, but difficult. You’ll spend so much time with your face in your phone that you’ll miss what’s going on around you / spending time with the people you came with.

Personally, if you really want to do this meal & 7DMT w/ a 9:50am FPP you’ll be fine. As mentioned, your FPP doesn’t expire until 10:50am. It’s completely possible to do all of it.

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