7DMT Queue

On our full MK Day we have later evening FP+'s for 7DMT.

I’m also considering throwing in into our plan at RD as well so that our fam can experience the queue. (This version of our MK Touring Plan puts us in the park the same amount of time, but takes away from some of our free time and ups our overall time in line about 20 min, still minimal overall.)

Question: Is 7DMT worth riding twice and is the queue a must do?

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I happen to love the ride. I’ve ridden it several times now and I still enjoy it.

The queue is amazing. So many details to discover and appreciate. Plus the activities.

Line tip: if the posted wait is 40 minutes or even higher. But the line doesn’t extend out past the entrance sign, it’s likely that the wait will be less than 40 minutes. Some people get hung up on the interactive queue, but it’s really not a bad queue.

I find that the queue is a must do at least once if not twice to fully appreciate it.

I did it 3x with FP, but never went through the regular queue. I would think about it in terms of a trade off. Is experiencing the queue potentially worth giving up the things you could be doing instead?

The queue is worth seeing at least once. Whether it becomes a must do in the future will depend on how your family enjoys it. Once you get near the entrance to the mine there are a number of things to do and see. I did this once shortly after rope drop and am glad I did.

As to whether the Mine Train is worth riding twice, I’d say try to see it in daylight and at night. I haven’t yet ridden in the dark, but understand that the experience is different.

If I plan it in at Rope Drop, we basically only lose a little free time.

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Thanks @DarthDopey and @FlyerFan1973. Helpful.

A follow up question: how much time in the queue would our family need to work through the elements? Should I consider scheduling it even later in our morning so that we have more time in line? (Sounds crazy to ask Liners if I need more time in line!)

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For two of the elements, you’ll need only a few minutes for each. The barrels, you may need a bit more time and you’ll need help from other people on line. I’d keep your current plan. It should be sufficient.

I don’t think there is a single queue in WDW that I would wait an extra 29 min to experience. If I MUST wait, they can be entertaining, but to me, not a “feature”. 7DMT falls into this category for me; it’s a fun diversion if I’m stuck in line, but not something I would go out of my way to do.

Who was it that mentioned that his daughter makes their family visit Dumbo, just so they can play in the playground?

I would do 7DMT a second time at RD simply because it’s a great ride. It’s fun and beautiful. (We rode it 4 times!) And I agree, the nighttime ride was a different experience. At RD, we were basically in constant motion through the queue. It was cool to see, and we did pause briefly to touch and spin things, but that was enough for us. I wouldn’t trade time elsewhere to have more time in that queue.

My DS6 wanted to do Dumbo a second time so he could have time to play in the play area, even though we could have walked right onto the ride at that time. It was a nice break…it’s air conditioned and there are benches for the grown ups. Definitely a different queue experience with a lot of kid appeal. They will let you in just to play even if you don’t want to ride (although maybe that depends on what the lines are like at the time.)


We prefer 7DMT going through the queue but only at night (if you have a group of Liners who will spin all the barrels it’s even more fun). We don’t use FPP on it and after riding in day we only ride at night.


Thanks @catdrj & @MagicMN.

Unless you’re at the front of the pack at rope drop you’ll end up waiting in some line for the Mine Train. You’ll have time to play with whatever amuses you and if there’s something really fun, then you can always let people pass you in line.