7DMT not an option on MDE FPP?!

Within seconds after midnight on my fastpass day, I can't even see an option for 7DMT!!! How can that be? Elsa and Anna have run out but I can at least it there? Help! Thanks

That's weird. I see it as an option at 30 days out but unavailable. Hmmmmm

That's weird? I did mine last night too and it was there for most nights. My arrival day was stand by only, but I got it for my other 2 MK days. Check again this am?

Are you looking 30 or 60 days out? What's the crowd level for the date in question? Does it fall on a Halloween party date by chance? Curious and good luck!

@sam2071 it's for 60 days out and I did it right at midnight and like I said - no where to be found.. I tried for a few days of my trip and never saw it

I would try again this morning. We had tons of time choices for 7DMT on multiple days when we did our FPP at midnight for labor day wknd. Did you try switching attractions from an existing FPP to 7DMT?

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I agree with 999... Try again. So strange that we both were on at midnight and you couldn't find any. Must've been a computer glitch. Try to replace an existing one and see if 7dmt pops up? Sorry michellough 😔

I went back this morning and found it available for the morning we are leaving..we were going to grab some tonga toast on our way out, but now we'll hop on the monorail to MK to ride 7D before we hit the road. The beauty of being AP. smile thanks everyone!

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Great news! Glad you were able to grab one:) 😃😃

Ah. Maybe it was an AP thing. I wondered if WDW would start that kind of stuff (make certain FPP's more available to some). Hmmmm

Nice! I'd try again in a day or two to swap one of your FPP on one of your other MK days. Can't hurt!

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