7DMT - is it worth all the hype?

So I put a post yesterday about the MK EMH’s changing to 7am which will impact our RD’ing 7DMT. We won’t get there until at the very earliest 7:15am. We have a FPP another day to do 7DMT. Is it worth doing twice and getting there extra early to RD if we already have a FPP another day? My DD’s prefer the adventurous rides / coasters and I’m wondering if maybe they’ll find it a little bit too tame and maybe we only need to do it once. What are your thoughts?

Yes, it is. SInce they sped up the ride (adjustment made after they opened the ride), there is enough there for even the most adventurous folks. My DD 20 and DS 16, really enjoy the ride. However, they don’t want to wait two hours for it (like any of us!). Their favorite is Space Mountain (with BTMRR second). Our plan is to RD 7DMT (on an 8:00 AM EMH) and then score a fast past later in the trip.

We’re thrill seekers and weren’t expecting much, but it’s surprisingly fun. We were disappointed to only have time to ride it once.

I enjoy it at night. I think it goes from an “ok” attraction, to one I look forward to at night.

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Just got back from first visit, had only been to DL. We liked it but don’t get the 2 hour waits and FP going so quickly. Yes, good theming. We walked on during fireworks one night and had a FP the next morning. I wouldn’t skip it if possible but think BTMRR is better. I prefer space at DL (side seating and music In cars), but kids liked MK. I felt too stuffed in LOL.
They slightly prefer EE over RnRC, but i was opposite on those.

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You’ll be the ultimate judge.
If you want my opinion - I wouldn’t wait more than 15 minutes for it. The photopass video is better than the ride if you like “thrill” rides. It is not a thrilling coaster at ALL. It’s smooth, and it’s accessible for smaller kids. It’s a WDW coaster, and the theming is great, it is fun at night, but imo, it is not thrilling really at all. Fun? sure. Thrilling? NO. HARD NO. FUN? YES.


We enjoy it (and my kids are older). It is fun, but I agree with @seebee it is not thrilling. We usually try to ride twice–once with a FPP and then another time right before park closing.

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It’s a beautifully themed ride with some “modest” thrills and a very well done “dark” scene. I have two issues with it. (1) It’s very short. When it opened it was 30 seconds of “roller coaster”, 30 seconds of “dark ride”, and another 30 seconds of “coaster”. If they’ve since sped it up, it will be even shorter. (2) As a large “Pooh-shaped” person, the knee bar is insanely painful.

Agree it’s a tight squeeze for grown-ups and it’s VERY short. It would probably be a one and done for me if I didn’t have DD7 - too old for Barnstormer (baby ride) and too young for Space Mountain (too dark and scary). It’s a great in between ride for this particular age group!

I agree with @seebee very much. IMO, it’s a faster version of a classic-dark-ride type, and is really only slightly more “thrilling” than Peter Pan’s Flight, which also draws lines that are (IMO) insane compared to the experience.

Personally, I won’t ever wait more than 30 mins for it again, and DD10, DS13 and DS15 agreed with that assessment, when they were there a couple weeks ago.

Ultimately, you have to decide for yourself.

It’s one of our favorite rides, but I will only do it if we have a FP for it (or doing EMM). It is very short and not by any stretch a thrill ride, but we love it for what it is - a fun themed, smooth ride that makes us smile the entire time. That being said, I wouldn’t wait more than 20 minutes for it - just way to short. But it’s a must grab FP for us each time.


I felt 7DMT was a waste of Disney’s investment. It is fine, if you think of it has a mix of It’s a Small World with kiddie coaster…but the truth is, for how much they spent on that thing, it should have been way better. BTMRR and Expedition Everest are both orders of magnitude better. And the ending of the ride is a let down. You think there will be more after a slight pause looking at the scenes. But nope. That’s it. Ride is over.

It is good for young kids, don’t get me wrong. But I wouldn’t wait very long for it. And now that I’ve been on it a couple times, I doubt I’d bother waiting again unless it was almost a walk-on. I’d rather spend that time waiting for something, you know, fun. (I should add, however, that the queue line is actually pretty cool.)


It’s great for small kids and others that don’t like roller coasters, but we’d never do it without a FP. I wouldn’t wait more than 15/20 mins.


Great theming. Way too short. What the designers were thinking I can’t fathom. This ride should have been thrice as long.


A great ride! The length of the ride is the only disappointment. My kids love it too.

As an adult, we were disappointed with the “coaster” aspect of it…not really a coaster. But it does fit that age group where you easily mastered Barnstormer and are not yet tall enough for Space…best for them.

I don’t know anything about coaster design/build, but I do think they were relatively limited by the footprint available.

I don’t know that I buy that. They had all of New Fantasyland to work with, that’s a massive footprint. No one forced them to pack in all that they did (Enchanted tales, BOG, Mermaid, Gaston’s, etc.), leaving an insufficient space for a proper 7DMT experience.

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Not only so, but when you look at the track design itself, they could have easily packed into the same footprint a lot more coaster. But what’s done is done.

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Perhaps not quite “thrice” as long, but the original design did have a second dark scene and a third coaster segment which would have bumped it up to roughly 2.5 min - a reasonable length for this type of ride. Budget cut are responsible for what we have. Same thing happened with TSL.