7DMT FP queue

My son is too small to ride but likes the movie. I feel badly. Is there anything cool to see in the FP queue or even on the outside watching from afar?

If he’s too small to ride, he won’t be allowed into the FP queue.

You can watch the trains but I don’t think there’s anything you can see that screams Snow White. So he wouldn’t know he was missing anything.

There’s nothing to see but he won’t be allowed in anyway

You can meet Snow White in EP - and maybe other places, I don’t know - if you think he would enjoy that.

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Storybook Dining at WL


Of course! Is she at Akershus or CRT?

I don’t recall meeting her in either location. I’ll check my photos!

I stand corrected! She is in our Akershus dinner photos, albeit from 2010.

And also at CRT dinner in 2017

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I guess now she has her own meal she might only appear there anyway.

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We’re going to both!

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I believe Snow White also meets at MK to the left of City Hall at certain times.

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Snow white was also at Akershus breakfast in September 2018 and January 2016.

I’ve seen that on Kenny the Pirate’s reports before

We met Snow White last week in Epcot at a regular meet, somewhere between Germany and the International Gateway. Also the Dwarves are in the parade.