7DMT/Barnstormer clarification

I need some help/clarification please! Our group is me, DH, DD3, DD3, DD3, and DD1. Clearly we are outnumbered. I’m trying to figure out if we should try 7DMT for the older 3 or just skip altogether. I know about rider swap, but I assume that 3 year olds wouldn’t be allowed to ride in front of parent and another child due to their young age is that correct? Would our only option to be to ride 3 separate times in which case that seems like a waste of time and we would probably skip due to the long lines.

It looks like Barnstormer would be about the same set up aside from the 1 year old being tall enough to ride so we would have to ride 4 times to get everyone though albeit shorter waits.

Any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated!

Are the 3yo kids even tall enough for 7D?

Assuming that they are, yes, you’d have to have 3 rides for each of those 2 rides as none of the children are old enough to ride unsupervised.

Oh yes, they are very tall for their age. They are 41 inches right now without shoes and we still have 5 months before the trip.

So this is kind of a weird comment, but someone mentioned on another thread maybe hiring a local teenager or college student as a “babysitter” that could tour with you and ride with one of your kids or stay with the youngest one? This might make your whole day go more smoothly. Just a thought!


My kids were always on the smaller side :wink:

ok, that is what I thought. Thanks for the reply. We will not be doing 7DMT then. Possibly Barnstormer as the waits don’t look as bad.

Right? My 3.5 year old is only 38 inches tall :laughing:

You could likely use Rider Swap in this situation. Are you familiar with it at all?

They are triplets too, but they are beanpoles. They turn 4 on our trip though.

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You could rider swap for you and DH… the swap pass is good for the whole day, so maybe the one not riding could take the four (!) kids to do something else, and then vice versa? Or the second rider could even go back and ride after the kids are in bed depending on where you’re staying and what your plans are?

I am familiar with rider swap, but we would have to swap 3 times and I don’t think that would be allowed. The hire a person to go around with us is a great idea, but I don’t know how the girls would do riding rides with a stranger or how comfortable I would feel leaving them with one either. It’s more likely that we would just skip 7DMT at this point. We will have plenty of other things to do anyhow. Thanks for the suggestions!

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Good options since we will be in the park for BOG PPO that may work to swap out with a kid each. Maybe jump in line after BOG and get a rider swap while holding a FPP as well so all 3 get a turn?
After bed is not an option as wrangling these 4 all day will have us tuckered out as well :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: In all honestly, we don’t mind just skipping it though as we will have plenty to do without 7DMT.

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A slightly odd, but perhaps workable option, is for you to stand near the entrance looking for another family of 3 or odd-numbered adult women who will ride. The Mom or Dad in that group might be willing to sit with one of your triplets, right in the seat in front of you, since they also have an uneven number. I would only attempt this if you know that your child would be excited to ride & wouldn’t be nervous or fidgety or scared. But that would allow perhaps you to take 2 of the triplets while your DH waits with the third and your youngest, and then you could do Rider Swap for your DH and the last triplet while you wait with the other 3 kiddos. This is very dependent on how your kids would handle the ride and whether you felt like you ran into a trio who would help you out in a trustworthy way.

If they really are beanpoles could two of them not ride with one of you?

There was room for DH and I together. We’re not Pooh sized, but not beanpoles either.

ETA this was for 7dmt

Definitely NOT an option. The seats are not benches but “per person” seating and there are two per row.

If we could (safely) do that we totally would. They were squished in utero with no indication of entering this world on their own so they are very much use to being squished together :joy: However, as @OBNurseNH said that isn’t an option on 7DMT or Barnstormer.

I do like that idea and perhaps we can use that in the future. This will be their first time and I would be more comfortable having one of us with them for their first time since I don’t know how they would react. I think they will love rides, but you never know and I would feel awful putting them with a stranger and having them cry and be terrified while basically ruining the ride for someone else.

My bad! I thought it was just bench seating.

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I think FPP with rider swap would work just fine for 7DMT. It would mean waiting in the FP line 3 times through, but I think that could go just fine. Same for Barnstormer, or you could do that early in the day with no wait. We rode Barnstormer 4 times in a row starting at 9:30am on a crowded day, with practically no wait. I’d hesitate to put a 1 year old on Barnstormer though, unless she’s already been on similar rides and you know she’d be fine. It’s pretty bumpy.