7DMT at RD

I’m creating a customized touring plan that includes 7DMT without (sadly) a FP. The optimized version has us do Winnie the Pooh first, then 7DMT, with a resulting wait of 26 minutes for 7D. I tried putting 7D first and evaluating, and that still gives a wait time of 25 minutes.

Do the touring plans account for getting to the gate well before opening and fast-walking to 7D? When we did that on a previous visit, we only waited about 5 minutes for 7D (and really that was mostly just the time walking through the queue).

I was afraid that it would screw up the rest of the plan if we finished 7D early. (Though now that I type that out it sounds a little crazy… “Oh no! We’ll be early for our next ride!”)

That happened with us doing Space Mountain. The 20 minutes it shaved off our plan first thing put us ahead on all our rides (which was great) and allowed us, by noon to be an hour ahead of our plan. We put an extra walk-on ride in that spot that I didn’t think I’d be able to get to do that day. We were back on track for our afternoon FPP after that.

No, unfortunately they don’t. They are based on the “average” visitor who barely makes it to RD and then stands around on Main Street looking at a map. The average Liner, who is first in line at the tapstiles for RD and “walks with purpose” to the first attraction will see a much shorter wait. :slight_smile:

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Hey lcs17. Just from our experience. We go in September all the time and the crowds are quite low …for Disney anyway. We are always waiting at RD and head right to Fantasyland first as our kids are quite young and we want to get on those rides before things like Peter pan and Pooh get crazy long lines. Anyway, not once have we ever gotten into fantasyland and seen a short line at 7DMT. In fact it is always out to the turnstile at least and usually far more than that. I think your plan has it right. Get Pooh and PP out of the way first and completely avoid those long lines because you will be waiting in a long line on 7DMT no matter when you go. BTW, we have never been able to get a FP for that right either. We always breeze through Fantasyland (with no FP) after RD and never wait in a line more than about 10 minutes long…not including 7DMT of course.

Hope this helps.

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If you arrive early and can walk fast, I think you should do 7DMT first. But if things go awry, you can do Pooh first instead. In any case, I wouldn’t give up on the FP for 7DMT yet. It’s worth it to keep trying. I got A&E a week before our trip by using the Dibbs site.

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Thank you for the advice! I forgot that I could always check the day/night before and see if any FPs have freed up. And I like the idea of going to 7DMT if we’re one of the first in and going to Pooh if not. It wouldn’t have occurred to me to do that.