7DMT and A+E wait time in TP wrong?

Setting up a TP with lines, and got 7DMT scheduled for mid afteroon with a 30 minute wait. Also saw that A+E had a 30 minute predicted wait through the afternoon. This was for Dec 9. This can’t be right, can it? For kicks, I tried Dec 25, and saw a similar 30 minute wait throughout the day for 7DMT. This has got to be a glitch in the TP data, right?

We’re predicting a 2 crowd level for the MK on December 9, so those numbers don’t seem out of line. You can check the actual waits for similar crowd level dates by viewing the attraction’s wait times, from their individual pages. Those numbers seem reasonable to me.

For 7DMT on 12/25, I’m seeing 45-minute waits throughout most of the day. Send along a link to your plan, and I’ll take a look at it.

Eh, I’ve asked the stats guys to look at 7DMT for Dec 25-31. I don’t think it’s going to get to, you know, 200 minutes (July 4 was 90), but 50-60 seems a little low. I could be wrong.

Thanks, Len. The main thing that surprised me was that my touring plan put the two most popular attractions in the park mid-day. Given that the expected waits for the day are pretty flat, I guess that makes sense - if there is a 30 minute wait at 9:00am and a 35 minute wait at 4:00pm, it makes sense to do it at 4:00pm.

Have the wait time for 7DMT and A&E been really flat recently? I guess I could see that, if there is everyone goes to one of the two at rope drop, the wait at 9:00 could be as long as it is all day long. Just not what I expected.

In any case, here is my TP.


Thanks again!

Hmmmm…it looks like we might not have December’s data updated for the MK. Let me ask the stats guys if it’s updated.

I also thought it was weird I got a 36 minute wait around 10 AM on 12/17 for A&E. Emailed my PTP to the webmaster last week. I wish this were true, but don’t want to count on it and end up missing the DME for our flight home!

Working through some planning on my own TP I noticed that that the wait times for 7DMT and A&E waits both jumped up on my mid-November dates. A&E went from a 30+ minute wait on 11/11 to 148 minutes.

Out of curiosity I checked the 12/09 date mention in the first post in this thread, and that has jumped up to the same times.

Looking into the alternative of my wife and I dressing up as Anna & Elsa and having my 8yo daughter “meet” us on the carousel, with its 0 minute wait.


I’m showing a 34 minute wait time for A & E even with a FPP… is that typical?

I’ve waited as much as 90 with a FPP. 34 is within the realm of possibility, but it does sound high. I’ll ask @Fred to weigh in.

Although our initial estimates for Anna & Elsa did well enough to build touring plans they were based on a lot of assumptions. We have gathered tons of wait times now and the latest estimates are a reflection of a new model based on the latest data.

For new attractions like 7DMT that have not yet seen a Christmas crowd it is difficult to know how popular they will actually be. Unfortunately we will have rely on some assumptions for that as well. We do have some busy summer days in our database and did not see ridiculous wait times at 7DMT.