7am Park Opening & Buses

What time would buses start running for a 7am Park Opening? I’ll be trying to do FOP at RD, want to be at the gates, early, early early and will be staying at POR. MK is also open at 7am that week as well.

Official policy would say 6:00 but I would be at the bus stop by 5:45 and I think I would plan on the main bus terminal.

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PegCity -
It sounds like you are an early go getter. I am as well.
Just an opinion for you:

If POR has the bus wait times posted, do not rule out Uber or Lyft. Check the bus times, and then if it’s too far out, get an uber. If you are anything like me, the minimal cost of the car service is NOTHING in comparison to the frustration of getting to a park after you wanted to. Especially if you are up and at em, ready to rock. Uber or Lyft drivers are probably going to be circling the resorts like hawks. You can see how long they weill take to get to you. Most of the time, it’ll only be a few minutes - like 5, not 15.

POR is very close to DS and when I stayed at SSR an Uber driver told me there are always drivers in the area so you should never have to wait more than 5 minutes.

Good idea…I think we’ll just do Uber or Lyft. Is there anything special to know about Uber or Lyft to AK? I know for MK I should just ask them to go to the Contemporary and walk over.

The drop off area in AK is closer than the bus drop off!

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Oh wow! I didn’t know that! Uber it is then!

Can anyone advise me as to transportation options to MK on a 7AM open day? I’m staying at Poly, so could use either monorail, or the ferry, if it’s running that early. What’s the smartest option? Looking to Rope Drop

If the monorail is running that would be my choice.


We planned on using Disney transport for AK AM EMH on our trip this past September. Though we arrived in plenty of time to the bus depot, the bus arrival time kept getting later and later and later. We called for a Lyft and a driver arrived in under 3 minutes. We were leaving AKL property as we saw the AK bus arriving - and it still had to pick up at Kidani and Jambo before it left. I would wager that we arrived at AK before that bus left the resort. It was a 5 minute ride and well worth it.

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