7am opening = more TSL FP

Just saw a post on another forum. 7AM openings rest of week and a bunch of new AM FP dumped into the system. Good FP hunting to all you Liners in the world this week. Wish I was there.

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Here are the announced changes:

  • December 12-21 : Park hours extended from 8am opening to 7am opening
  • December 22, 29 : Park hours extended from 9am opening to 8am opening

Extra Magic Hours have moved to evenings on the following dates:

  • December 15th : EMH moved from 8-9am to 9-11pm
  • December 22nd : EMH moved from 8-9am to 10pm-midnight
  • December 29th : EMH removed from schedule

Disney still hasn’t made an official announcement on the inclusion of RotR during the evening EEMH starting December 15th.


Yes! I was just able to snag a SDD for 7:55 AM on the 21st, and adjusted my other two FPP for 8:55 and 9:55 respectively…very nice!