7am Genie+ times for Space Mountain

Hi; I am trying to plan my morning at the MK for Sunday 6/26, crowd level 6. I live in Seattle and don’t want to get up at 4am to test what G+ times will be typically available. Anybody have any idea if I can expect to get a Space Mountain G+ time between 9-9:30am right at 7am for a level 6 day? Thanks

This graph is from the last CL6 Sunday at MK. This is only an example, each day can be a little different:

If you are on right at 7:00:00 and quick, you have a good chance at a 9:00ish return time. If you are not able to secure that time, you have another chance around 7:12. But the return time will probably be a little later, around 10.


Thanks! Where do access this data from?

And follow up Q - if I book SM right at 7a, do you think I can still buy a Mine Train LL at 7:02-7:05p for the evening (say 7-8p)?

And if you don’t mind (since you seem very handy with the Thrill Data), what’s the earliest return time I might expect for Splash Mtn if I booked right after riding SM at 9:15ish

Go to thrilldata.com
Select “waits at…(park name)”
Scroll down to the list of attractions, select one
You can select a specific date at the top
Look at the charts/graphs, you can zoom in
I used the TP historical crowd data to match crowd levels.

Great tool and tip. Thanks

You’re welcome! You probably got it figured out, but I’ll post these here anyway.

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Thanks again. If you don’t mind me taking some more of your time, I notice that the ThrillData times don’t seem to sync with the G+ LL drop times posted in LaCava. For instance, we would expect return times to drop at 10:47am wouldn’t we (one of the G+ drop times).

Yes, but not many attractions. It appears only Big Thunder and Splash have those consistent drop times currently.

And thrill data checks on the 0’s and 5’s so if the drop doesn’t last, it doesn’t pick it up.