77 days (now 70!)

Last year my life — perhaps! — changed. I planned my first serious WDW vacation. I joined this site, learned about ADRs and FPPs. And waited 77 days until I flew to the US. During those 77 days I went insane — as old-timers on these forums may remember.

Regulars will know I’m currently planning my next trip. I’ve already had 63 days of planning and insanity.

Which means I now have 77 days left to go.

In other words, I’ve still got as long to wait now as I had for my last trip. After already waiting for nine weeks.

Professional medical help may be needed. FPP booking in 17 days. Watch this space. (Or local news reports for “insane man hospitalised”.)


Big difference…this time you have discovered chat too?

You’re lucky. I’ve still got 216 days. It’s just totally bizarre that we plan disney trips so far in advance.

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The worst part is aside from booking the hotel I’m trying to not really do anything bc so much will change before then. 218 days of going insane. I might not ever get back.

I just checked- 316 for me.


I shouldn’t have looked. Based on expected date, next WDW trip is 965 days away for us.


You make me feel better about my approximately 480 days. Though it’s already been 598 since we got back from the last trip…

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201 days for me … we all need medication …

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33, 190ish for long weekend, waiting on flight release to decide whether to go Th, F, or Sat, and then 340ish as final dates not set (1 of two possible weeks, come on school board, set your #$&! calendar already)—And then we will be done for 3-4 years until the SW hype dies down a bit and we can go again–maybe 2022 or 2023.

@ryan1 965 gives you a really long time to plan! You can make every contingency plan there is during your wait :slight_smile: enjoy!

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We have 145 days and I am driving my DH crazy! :slight_smile: As I am sure a lot of you can relate, I am over the top OCD when it comes to planning so I’ve already spent many hours tweaking the plans…and I don’t expect that to change at all over the next 5 months! LOL This will be our last trip for awhile (I know, I know, not the first time y’all have heard that) so, I want everything to be as close to perfect as possible.


209 to go!

Well, now it’s 70 days.

Which means I’m half way. I booked at 140 days.

Despite my reputation for endlessly changing things my plans have remained unchanged now for at least three weeks. In fact, I barely look at them any more — I’m almost bored of them! When I do look at them, I can’t help but think that I’ve nailed it: there’s really nothing I could do to make them better! I guess all that thought counts for something.

Today I reviewed the budget and did cost estimates for all the meals and all the Ubers. Somewhat sobering, but it’s affordable. Just.

10 days to go until I discover if I can get the FPPs I’ve planned for.

But before then . . . a long weekend away to celebrate my birthday :blush:

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Happy early Birthday!! :slight_smile:

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Happy Birthday @profmatt. I am just under 50 days away and have gotten my FPP and plans pretty much set. Undoubtedly there will be some continued tinkering, but I am just kinda waiting for the last couple of weeks.

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Wait, we don’t get to see The Spreadsheet to offer suggestions to occupy you until FPP day?

You nearly tempted me there, but I’m worried that people might actually make suggestions. Especially good ones. And that will throw the whole thing up in the air and cause me enormous trauma.


Ugh. Go on, then.

Ride names with a “+” in front of them indicate FPPs I’m hoping to get. Rides are not necessarily listed at the time I’m intending to ride them.


I must admit, I have spreadsheet envy. Mine is lovely and color-coded and all, but I like yours more!

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What? That old thing? It only took about three hours a day for six weeks to create. There are only about 30 older versions in the trash on my computer.