73 days out and time to start thinking about dining and if I need to switch some park reservations around!

Morning! It’s 73 days out from our October trip and I’m wondering if I need to switch some of our park reservations around, AND where in the world we should eat this trip.
(day 1) Riviera - Epcot
(day 2) AK
(day 3) HS
(day 4) We have Boo Bash tickets so will be a pool/ds day
(day 5) recovery from Boo Bash (I have teenagers and those people sleep)
(day 6) Epcot again w/ my In-Laws
(day 7) Trying to get a VIP tour
(day 8) MK
(day 9) Epcot again

That’s our plan as of now and I THINK it’s a good one?! How difficult has it been to secure dining reservations at 60? Do I need multiple back up restaurants? I’ve never been worried about this in the past so I don’t know why I am now!

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Welcome to the Forum! So we can better answer your questions:

  • What are your specific dates? (So we can see what day/which park)

  • Would you like 1 table service restaurant each day?

  • What are some of your favorite restaurants from previous trips?

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Also, does OP have park hoppers? Plan to take midday breaks?


My teens/tween loved…

AK yak and yeti
HS Sci-Fi
Epcot San Angel Inn
MK the Plaza

In DS we were going to go to Raglan Road but ended up doing QS at chicken guy. It was ok. The most fun part was picking out the sauces.

We stayed at Dolphin and ate at pool bar a couple of nights which was so relaxing!

If you are at Riviera, I think you should try Toppolinos. I also can’t wait to try the QS there. Sebastians grill nearby at CBR looks great too!

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Yes to park hoppers, yes to mid-day breaks. Dates are October 19 - 28th. We’ve stayed at the Riviera before and loved both breakfast and dinner at Toppolinos. The QS is excellent there. We’ve loved in the past:
Garden Grill (breakfast)
50’s Prime Time
George’s Wine Bar
Rose & Crown
O’hana breakfast
Crystal Palace Breakfast
I can’t remember the Mary Poppins bf at GF
Mama Melrose


If you are interested in the Extended Evening Hours (2 hrs after park close), they are starting out with Epcot on Mondays and Magic Kingdom on Wednesdays during the first half of October. I would say there’s a good chance that this schedule remains. But, also a hopping option for you nevertheless.

I will 2nd both of these, some of our favorites.

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