7 minute wait for Slinky Dog?

I started a TP yesterday for HS for October 7th. I immediately noticed it was predicting a 7 minute wait for Slinky Dog at 10:03am. That doesn’t look right… How could it only be 7 minutes? I Optimized a couple times but the time estimate was consistent so I stopped and haven’t added in any possible FPs.

That day is rated a 7, so do all of the times look a little off?

Last question: it’s suggesting Toy Story Midway Mania for both of the Group 2 FPs. Are you allowed to get 2 FPs for the same attraction?

Thanks in advance!

The wait for Slinky Dog is a glitch. They just don’t have any data to base it on.

The second question. You have ToT and RnR first before TSMM twice. I suspect the plan is assuming you will book those 3 rides as your initial FPs, and then suggesting you get it as a 4th FP.

I would add in the FPs and include Slinky Dog as one of them! Then try again.

They don’t have any data yet for waits for Slinky Dog, so it’s going to be wrong for a long time, just like FoP was when it opened.

All 3 rides in TSL will be tier 1 and you’ll only be able to get one of them in your first 3. You can’t get any duplicates in your first 3 regardless of tiers.

Ok, that makes sense that there’s no data for it to make an estimate yet.

Thank you for confirming I can’t get 2 FPs for the same attraction when getting those first 3 FPs. It’s weird that it’s telling me to get TSMM for FP #2 & FP #3 when that’s not allowed, but I’ll just pick something else. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks all!

Just make sure you check the box to ‘force optimize to use FPP’ under the advanced option. I’m just adding in a placeholder break for my TSL time this fall. I’ll update once I have a better feel for wait times :slight_smile:

Purely a place-holder. There probably won’r be realistic data for at least several months after it opens. If I were going I would assume 45 min at RD (unless I was there early enough to be at the very front of the RD pack) growing to 2 hours a couple of hours after opening and staying that way for the rest of the day (maybe tapering off a bit during Fantasmic show times).

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