7 Dwarves Train Ride fastpass-ouch

30 days before arrival and earliest time available for Dwarves train ride is 3:30 in afternoon!!! If I go directly to train ride when park opens at 9am it will still be a 26 minute wait!! No question --just whining

I actually think it is a much better attraction at night!

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Remember, the initial wait times for attractions are based on the “average” visitor - a true Liner, who is first in line at the tapstiles for RD and then “walks with purpose” to 7DMT should be able to walk-on to it.


last october we were near the front of the line at rope drop, walked “with purpose” and walked right on the ride with minimal wait. so it can be done. By the time we got off the ride, the wait was at least 60 minutes.

I think that BOG breakfast may now mean that there is a significant line before the gates open, so the RD line could start out longer.


I’m not sure about that - even from BOG breakfast, only a few people will be in line at 7DMT when the massive parade arrives at the front gate, so shouldn’t make more than a single trains’ worth of difference.

When I was there in April I did not get into the 7DMT line, but it was from the rope looped to the back. That was at 8:40.

Just with BOG guests? We did BOG pre-RD breakfast twice in May and rode near-empty trains repeatedly (no more than 6 people in a train, all from BOG), until the giant group arrived from the gate. There was zero lineup until the RD crowd arrived.
(But even IF 100 people from BOG go to 7DMT, they won’t all arrive at the same moment - but IF if they did arrive simultaneously, it would still only be 5 trains worth of people to clear out, or about 10-12 minutes.)

That line might have looked so long because the ride had not opened, so the queue was still closed?

Yes, of course that was in April. At that time they were not opening until RD people got there.

Do you then estimate that if you are one of the first 100 RD people in line the wait would be less than the 26 minutes quoted by TP

If you plan to arrive for rope drop early and are one of the first guests in, you could always just put in that you have an FP for 7DMT. That will force your Touring Plan to estimate a much shorter wait and help account for the fact that you will probably enter the park 10 minutes before official opening time.