7 dwarfs at close

Was initially going to rope drop but with a 5 year old i’m thinking maybe it’s better to skip the chaos and try for end of the night when she might be tired and might have better luck dealing with a line. Is the wait still pretty crazy or would it be possible to jump in line right after fireworks and have a 45 min or less wait?

Can’t answer your specific question, but there are things to do in line that can keep a 5-year-old somewhat distracted to the wait, regardless of which route you take.

Make a personalized touring plan and use it to see how long the wait would be - you would need to put the attractions in the order you want to do them and then use the Evaluate function to see how it works out. Then use Optimize to see if it can come up with a better overall plan.

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I’ve used the plan and that is why i’m asking if anyone has personal experience with the ride line being low after the fireworks. My plan has it around 35 min as opposed to rope drop at 45 min which I found a little odd. But if I move to the end of the night that frees up time to hit two more rides in the morning before heavier crowds. I’d hate to jump in at the end of the night only to have a crazy long line with everyone doing the same thing. I’ll already be pushing it with bedtime but I think she can handle one late night. We have an off park day the following morning.

It might depend on what time the fireworks are and what time park closes. We got in line at 11:30pm when there were EMH from 10pm-MN, and we waited 35 min. I think the TP said 20-25 min wait. It was probably a CL 6. I was a little surprised that it was still that long of a line. We had only waited 35 min at park close at 8pm for FoP! (But it had rained earlier, so the park really cleared out.)

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I can’t answer your question about riding at close, but keep in mind that RD times for your TP are assuming you’re walking into the park AT opening and not at the very beginning of the RD crowd. The 9am person is getting in line BEHIND all of the true RD people, hence the 45 minute start. Most Liners will choose their RD attraction and put it in their TP as a meal or a lesser-attraction with a note in order to keep their times for the rest of the day from getting way off.

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Thanks Cgerres. I put in the welcome show as the start and was hoping that would help but that may be actually extending the wait? Our schedule is super tight for the day so an extra 20 min first thing can make a huge difference in the schedule. Ugh, I keep going back and forth on this.

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That is very interesting information and highly relevant for my upcoming trip.

Yes, I was surprised at the wait. The night we were there for EMH 10-MN, it was cold (in the 40’s) and MK seemed quite empty, but SDMT was still that long. I had been unable to get a FPP for it at 60 + 1 days.

I’ve had extremely good success at getting day-of FP+ for 7DMT last November. On 3 separate days, we rode it twice with day-of FP+ during the evening. Keep on refreshing the app and pounce on it when it shows up ! :smiley:


I am having the same problem for our HS day, with AS2 and TSM at RD. I think it’s estimating the combined waits of the 2 rides to be 40 minutes. I chose to leave them and make our plans based on this ‘worst case scenario’ to make sure we’d have enough time to use our first FP and then get to a show.

I would maybe keep your TP as is and make a note of a ride or two that you can skip in order to catch up and hit a certain step at a certain time. Or if the ride goes quickly, plan to hit Pooh or Under the Sea right after and just not add that into the plan?

Skipping under the sea might not be a bad idea as I think we might be able to snag a 4th FP later in the day for it. If we do 7D at RD my plan is for my sister and 2 year old nephew to hit Pooh. If we rope drope 7D I don’t think there is a good way to fit in Buzz. If we do at the end of the night I can fit pooh and buzz for everyone. If we rope drop and get off in about 25 min I think we are okay. If we rope drop and it’s 45 it’s going to throw things off a bit. I’m going back and forth whether to chance it or move to the end of the night and if we have to wait 35 or more then so be it. I’m planning one day MK for 10 people with 3 littles one who is 2 so that limits rides. It’s a crazy day and I don’t have a lot of wiggle room.

That does sound like a crazy day! And I think Buzz is another good 4th FP ride.

I originally thought that too but looking at the last few days around the time I think we’ll be using our last FP (in the afternoon for PP as I think morning will be gone), I’m finding Buzz and Haunted both going out about an 1-2 hours before our last might expire. Trying to account for worst case scenarios so we aren’t scrambling to drop something.

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we were there in February 2016, when MK closed at 8 pm. We got in line at 7:40 and posted time was 40 mins. We were through in 7 minutes or so.We rode 3 more times, the final one being right in the middle of the fireworks. It was awesome! I honestly think they bump up the posted wait times at the end of the evening to try and detract people from getting in line. So, we rode 4 times in 20 minutes.

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They definitely do this. 7 minutes is a little extreme at around 5.5 times better, but I’d expect posted is roughly double actual near close as a worst case typical. Now we did try 7DMT once late and the ride kept breaking down which caused that posted time to look pretty good by comparison to our actual. My son & I still joke about that line costing us a last ride on Splash…

That is amazing!!!

I had NO idea. What? I have made probably near 40 detailed touring plans and never knew about this tip! That makes a lot of sense!


Happy to help!

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I just start the day 15 minutes later in the schedule and put the RD info in the TP notes