7 Days of TP's....is anyone willing to evaluate them for me?

I have seven days worth of TP’s and some days don’t have FP usage. I know it’s a LOT of reviewing, so is anyone willing to view any (or all) of the days to give me advice?

Here are the plans if anyone wants to take a look. Thanks in advance :smiley:

Day 1 (MK) (Family is flying in at 5pm, so we are leaving the park early to meet them and go to dinner.


Day 2 (MK)


Day 3 (EP)


Day 4 (HS)


Day 5 (AK) (Will not allow me to add ROL yet, but we have dining package)


Day 6 (EP)


Day 7 (MK)


The last day we have breakfast reservations at Ohana and then we go home.

I have never been so don’t have much to offer, but when looking at your first day in mk, 35 minutes might not be enough time for shopping :smiley: I don’t know how crowded it will be then, but you’ll need to factor in time getting through registers and moving from ride to store to restaurant into that 35 minutes.

Also on your first Epcot day, the plan doesn’t use your 9.30 fast pass. Maybe abandon that one in favour of adding something else in? Or add another attraction immediately before it in your plan to force the use but still get more into your day. I know that would mean some extra walking though.

Animal kingdom- you don’t seem to have anything for Pandora in your plan. Were you not interested in visiting this section of the park?

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My first thoughts: DO NOT RD the Barnstormer. People will be flocking to Space and you will be waiting much longer than 5 minutes if you arrive 20 minutes after RD.

I know some schools may not be out for the summer at this point but if I were you, I would expect for these 4-5 minute wait times to go up some before your trip; just keep that in mind.

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Haha…Well, I would shop for days…so 35 mins is DEFINITELY not enough. But I was thinking I would shop in between stops…I guess that’s not really feasible if I’m trying to stick to the plan. I will have to switch that.

I will look at the Epcot FP.

For AK…just a few days ago, Pandora wasn’t available on the plan. I will check if it is now. ROL wasn’t available either (well, it tells me the park is already closed, so it can’t be added) but I plan to add Pandora in once the plans are updated.

I thought that was pretty odd too. I actually OPTIMIZED this one, instead of doing my own plan…I don’t know why it chose that, but I can switch it around.