7 Days in Late May/June

If you were doing 7 days at the parks, and staying at the Boardwalk, would you pick park days based on the extra evening hours? Assuming we want to go to all 4 parks at least once.

If you can stay up late enough to take advantage of the extra evening hours—absolutely! It seems to be the very best way to get on a lot of rides without long waits.

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If fact, I’m doing this in late March/April! Seven nights at the Dolphin, seven park days.

But, a caveat: Disney has been extending park hours lately. Magic Kingdom regular park hours are trending at 9:00 am to 11:00 pm, which puts MK Extended Evenings at 11:00 pm to 1:00 am.

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11pm-1am would probably be too late for us. I’ll be with 3 kids (11,15,16). Especially if we like to do rope drop. With extended hours that late, I think you’d need to decide, do you want to do rope drop or evening hours, but you probably couldn’t do both for 7 days.

We’re planning on doing some rope drops, but not the mornings after Extended Evenings! We’re there for 7 nights so there are just 2 Extended Evenings on our trip, one MK and one EP.

Epcot is not so daunting at 9:00–11:00pm. But our MK 11:00pm–1:00am Extended Evening is on our arrival day—gotta leave home by 7:15am to catch our flight—so that will be a challenge!

On rope-drop days, we’re park-hopping with a long midday rest at the hotel, and staying till close at our second park.

We are 3 adults, though, so we don’t have to factor in the young’uns schedules.

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