7 days at WDW, how many days in each park?

I am planning a vacation in late January. We normally do 2-3 days in MK, 2 days EP, 1 day AK, 1 day HS. We usually get a park hopper but not sure if we will this time. My concern is if 1day in HS will be enough time with the new FPP tiers?

We did 6 nights and 5 days in the parks last May. #1 Ak, #2 EP, #3 HS, #4 MK, #5-Mk & EP for dining. Also did a little DS upon late arrival and DS again before early evening flight home.

Do you have young child? Is that what 2-3 days in MK?

My daughter is 8 and my niece is 6. It will be my niece’s first time so we don’t want her to miss anything! Probably only need 2 days in MK.

I would think there are more things for young children to do at AK than Epcot.

What do you want to do at HS? Interested in SWGE? What about RnRC and ToT given their ages? I think this makes a big difference.

Not a popular opinion but AK can easily be done in 1 day.

Normally, I’d say 2 days in Epcot but with all the construction it might be tough to spend 2 days there.

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We would like to do everything at HS. Never had a problem doing it in one day but that was before TSL, SWGE, and the new FPP tiers. Seems like if you only do one day there it would be hard to avoid long lines.

Good point, I may need to rethink my whole week!

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In my upcoming plans with DHS I’ve had to break it down into SWGE day, TSL day, RnR / ToT + other day. I’ve never spent more than two days in DHS - usually one. With all the offerings and Tier System I’m having to plan 3. (But I’m trying to see everything including shows.) It’s definitely a 2 day park.

If I only had 7 days, with small kids, I’d go

MK = 2
DHS = 2
EP = 1 – too much under construction ATM until at least 2021. Plus small kids only can handle so much WS. (I would look at my dates and plan it on the lowest CL with the longest hours though.)
AK - 1

The last remaining day I’d leave up to you. I could always do 3 days at MK. I love everything there and meeting characters is usually something I do for a full day during my trip. If not MK, then maybe a split day of AK / DHS or if not park hopping I guess another day at AK so each place has 2 and you don’t have to rush through anything.

I suggest putting together a one day TP for EP, HS, and AK then seeing which one is the “fullest” or would have the most things you’d need to skip.

We are going for 7 days over the holidays, and here is our breakdown. We do have park hoppers, but I am not really a fan of them but decided it was necessary with the crowds.
MK- 2 fairly full days
EP- 1 full day, 2 half days (1 afternoon to finish the holiday narrators and 1 evening for New Years Eve because we are crazy)
AK- 1 full day and 1 half day
HS- 1 full day and another mostly full day, rope drop until 6pm.
HS is only doable to me over 2 days because of the non fast pass rides in GE, and the lousy tiers there now. But, I have teens so the thrill rides there are very important.