7 day fantasy or 4 day dream

Seeing the enhancements on the Dream especially the Star Wars area really makes me want to switch our 7 day fantasy to 4 day dream this March. Of course it would cost less. Not sure.

I’m doing a 4-day dream in May but would love to do a 7 day if we could afford it. In 7 days you get a chance to experience so much more. I felt the 3 day we did on the magic so rushed. The kids wont miss something they haven’t had but longer time to do more will work better. In my opinion anyhow.

Oh man-- have you done a disney cruise before?? There so do much to do, I would think a four day would feel so incredibly short!! Even on a 7 day it’s not long enough to do it all!! I say keep your 7 day…but hey, I’m not a Star Wars fan…

I’ve done a 5 night we are 7 nights on fantasy in 20 days!!!

Have you done a Disney Cruise before? We have been on both classes and actually prefer the classic ships. The newer ships are awesome - however the ratio of space to people is not great. I would probably stay on the 7 day. It will give you the opportunity to actually relax and enjoy.