7 Dawf Mine Train V's Breakfast at BOG

Hi Guys can I ask your opinion on this - I’ve got an ADR at BOG for 9.05, so I was planning on sneaking on 7DMT first and being a few min late for my reservation and then I’d read that you could be out of breakfast in about half an hour if you pre order, but then I’m a bit torn as I feel like I’m wasting my time sitting and eating, but then on the other hand if I cancel my ADR, I’d probably ended spending the same time queuing ??? And as I have very small children, then would sooner be eating than queuing, what do you guys think ?

Time wise if you can be in front of the rope drop line I think the 7DMT and then a little late to the pre ordered breakfast may save you time. Will you have to get in the stand by line at 9:40? That could be over an hour line! Can I also say that at 9:00 it will take you a few minutes to find a table at BOG.

How early do you think I should get there for that time ADR, or put it another way, how early would they let me in ? Thanks

The crowd builds fast at 7DMT. You will be behind all the pre RD BOG diners. Unless you are very lucky and at the front of the RD crowd I think you will be significantly late for your ADR. Do you have time to try to find a pre RD BOG instead? How many in your party? You can break into smaller groups and still sit together.