7 am opening 14th and 15th Feb EMH

In case anyone missed it there is emh at 7am for HS(sat) and AK (Sun)

That makes me want to wake up my AP really, really badly! There’s nothing like 7am in the Magic Kingdom. Happy for those who can be there to enjoy it!

When morning EMH is at 7 rather than 8 in the morning, are there fewer people that do RD? Or is it the same volume? When will the parks start to get full?

In my experience its a lot quieter but havent done HS @7am. AK didnt get busy until after 10. Remember 7 am emh opening is because they expect it to be busy.

IMO, one rarely finds a better zero-wait time to tour than a 7am RD, even during Easter week.
And by the time others are coming in at 8am-9am-10am, one remains a step ahead as one then moves on to 2nd & 3rd tier attractions as the park fills up.

The only down-side – if there is one – is that often during Easter week, MK will have 7am RD every day, which means one must stay on-site to take advantage.

I’ve never even seen a 7am at any other park other than MK before. Is this something new?