7:30 ADRs

I just got 7:30 ADRs for BOG for Dec. 29th. We are staying offsite. Park has EMH of 7-8:00 a.m. Is there any advantage to this? Can the older kids eat real quick and head to SDMT? Or Peter Pan? Or Buzz Lightyear?

I’d say there’s an advantage, but a slight one. Buzz Lightyear shouldn’t be an issue. 7DMT probably will be. Peter Pan, I’m not so sure.

Do the parks open on time to non-emh guests, or do they let them in early?

The park will open at it’s usual 8 AM time, but I think you’d be allowed in because of that ADR. In the past, they have not scanned magic bands or checked resort ID at each attraction.

Thanks, crossing my fingers!