6pm Virtual Queues

Do you have to actually be in the park to grab a virtual queue slot for Tron or Guardians or is a Park Reservation enough.

A CM told me that I had to check into a park for it to work. I didn’t have to be IN the park, but had to have been in a park at some point before 6pm. Others will verify.

Last week we made sure to go into MK as soon as we could in the afternoon. Went back to the resort and grabbed a BG for Tron at 6pm while in our room. Earlier in MK-GS the CM told me what I shared in first sentence. We actually got a 1pm BG around 3pm too

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Just to make sure you are aware - to be eligible for the 6pm drop, you must be a Deluxe resort guest.


OH yes, this!!!

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Yes, we are. Thanks. It’s a bit of pain, I wasn’t planning on being there that early. Never mind.